My absence from the blogging world has been extremely long and I missed a lot of news and action due to that. Though I have had previous breaks but none of them have lasted this long.  The reason was that I had been working on my startup (Motvik) which kept me very occupied leaving pretty much no time…More

Vinod Khosla Talk

TiE Bangalore is back with the great talks & networking meets that it organizes for entreprenuers. After a long lull period it organized a talk by Vinod Khosla followed by a networking dinner yesterday. Though the topic (Solar-Thermal Power) sounded unrelated to me (hence not exciting)  but after having attended the talk I found it was an evening well spent…More


Thanks folks to all your mails, IM pings & calls on enquiring about my blog absence and if things were alright me. Did’nt realize that I will be missed in the blogosphere so much. I am doing fine just been busy with my real world chores that have’nt had time to do updates.  I don’t…More

Pecha Kucha Bangalore

    Pecha Kucha is an event being organized tommorow at CKS, looks pretty interesting. I am hopeful that I can gain/learn something from it. Taking a risk of hoping that it would be worthwhile I am planning to be there. The Speakers: Abhishek Hazra MEDIA ARTIST & DESIGNER Dominic Dube ARCHITECT & DESIGNER Hans…More

Did not attend TiE ISB Connect

 No I did not go there though I initially thought that I would be there. A few days before the event I decided to skip it  as something else had cropped up. Anyway as I had suspected the event was drab, friends who attended confirmed. The regular dosage of beating around the bush and a  leading VC self…More

Why no Blogcamp reflection post

      A friend asked me why I did not do any post after returning from blogcamp while I was so excited about the event before it had happened. I did not have time to do a post is only a tiny  part of the reason that I did not blog about it, the real reason being that there was nothing much for me…More

Mobile VAS – A telecom operator’s perspective

     A post that I was writing for the bangalore momo blog by mistake got published here as well, sorry if that caused junk in your feed reader.   Nonetheless after quite much delay the september momo event has been announced and this time again we have a discussion on VAS but now from an…More

Smartphone bazaar

I don’t know the number of smartphone users (let’s say just Nokia) in India but I am sure that is not so low that it is economically insignificant. I have myself observed hundreds of people carrying a Nokia 6600 or 3230 and have also observed a few carrying an N70. Infact I have an N70…More

Two talks this month

TiE Bangalore organized two excellent talks this month. The first one was from Michael Moritz of Sequia Capital who is doing an India tour currently and the second was from Deep Nishar, head of Google India. I could capture Michael Mortiz’s talk but when I tried to do the same for Deep’s talk my N70…More

More video blogs

Another problem that I faced is that Jahshaka, the free ( as in beer as well as speech) editor ( also can be thought of as the audacity for video) that I am using seems to be crashing whenever I try to edit a video ( don’t know it could be a problem with mp4…More

Attempt at video blogging from blogcamp

   While others are doing a terrific coverage via live blogging I have been experimenting with video blogging with the help of my N70 but have been facing a lot of challenges. Battery totally running down while shooting a video(biggest problem with an N70) , lost the video that I shot of Amit Aggarwal yesterday.…More

Jace on what is blogging

Video on I thought that was eons ahead of youtube as a video blogging platform but looks like that is still not good enough to be usedAgain very insightful on how to think about blogging.More

Others live blogging blogcamp

There are so many tags that people are using that it is so confusing right now as to which tag to use to search for other bloggers who are live blogging.It is kinda of going against the whole purpose of having a tag. Couple of tags that you might want to try out to search…More

Blogging has rewoven the fabric of the society

I reached Chennai and am in blogcamp and am live blogging from here. Almost skipped the first presentation which sounded rather drab. Now there is Jace, Neha in the podium initiating a discussion among the participants on how blogging has changed your life. Here are few very insightful thoughts which are very important to ponder…More


I will be camping at Blogcamp in Chennai and listen to tales of  the very early stage of media 2.0 in India. Hope to learn a lot and also have fun. blogcampMore

Blackberry 2.0 with Camera

        RIM has released its camera phone which has been in the news for quite some time now. WSJ columnist Walt Mossberg is apparently quite impressed by this phone dub named ‘Pearl’ (via Reiters). Blackberry from RIM become the de-facto phone for business users and despite of it ugly looks even today it sells like…More

Wifi Nokia handsets released in India

    I thought it will take a long while before wifi handsets will make an entry into India but I am glad that these devices have hit the Indian market. (via Mobile Pundit)       The price is range is very high and initial reviews reiterate that these Nokia phones are also as heavy as brick…More

Bluetooth & Security

Activemedia is gearing to rollout its mobile marketing product based on bluetooth, they recently did a pilot at a café shop in New Delhi (via exchange4media)   As happens with many technologies Bluetooth has went through the same phases of being overestimated in the short term but underestimated over the long run. Though much of…More

Mobile 2.0 ? Peripheral Vision

      A few days ago I came across this presentation from Jyri Zengstorm who is an entrepreneur from Finland. Here is a presentation that he made at Aula and the title of which is peripheral vision. I found it to be quite very interesting. What fascinating about this presentation is that Jyri uses a brilliant…More