Why 2.0 is romanticized ?

Why is that many (including me) drum up about 2.0 a lot. Why is that we leave what we have in the so called 1.0 and move onto the next version. After all if you look at it isn’t that all the existing businesses will close down tomorrow. Infact there is so much 1.0 business…More

Mobile Monday August Event today

Mobile Monday August event is announced to be held today, It’s being hosted at CKS Consulting an innovative research & design services firm headed by Aditya Sood. The topic for today’s discussion is Mobile VAS Scenario in India. Rishit Jhunjhunwala CTO of Verity Technologies is presenting a talk on the topic. Verity has developed a…More

ITP for India

       I have always been amazed & intrigued by folks at ITP NYU & their work. The core techie in me would have given out a shrug at the triviality of applications/technologies developed/used here and not give ‘em a second look. But then it is the social, cultural asthetic aspect & meaning which underlie their…More


Varun (met online via  blogcamp.in  groups) runs a blog called Fonearena which he is been running for more than a year now covering the mobile related news in India. It is good to see another blog covering the mobile space from an Indian context.  Maybe with a good enough number of collection of blogs maybe…More

Missing a point or two about models/law

There is too much chatter once again about laws governing networks after the recent IEEE article critiquing Metcalfe’s law with even Metcalfe himself pitching in to defend his position/law. In all this chatter I find all these smart folks missing out two basic ( really basic) points. All these laws posit a boundary value calculation…More

virtual games ecosystem

IMO the Indian entry into the space of virtual worlds would happen through something like this because historically companies in India have been formed that way. Services is a competence which we have built very well and this approach is much less risky.More

Comments Eaten

I rely on gmail to get notified when a comment arrives on the blog but for quite some time gmail has been marking all my comments as spam. In case you have posted a comment please ping again I sure will reply this time.More

GPRS Airtel

Veer mentions about a welcome move from Hutch on zero rental for GPRS from Hutch. As he rightly says any move from telcos in increasing data services adoption is always a welcome move and in India more than anything it is pricing which is the critical factor drives adoption. In the same context I wanted…More

Nokia Media Platform

Most of us would have seen the Nokia N series ad featuring Gary Oldman in which he quips “All the world is a stage and all men & women merely players”.   He has recently released a short film shot entirely using a Nokia N93 called Donut. It is available on Nokia studio.   I…More

Mobile Monday Delhi Intro

Click to Play As a first thing with my connection up let me try to post a video. This is video of MoMo Delhi introduction where those present give a quick intro about themselves and also a feature that would like in their mobile ( exteremely useful for developers & de This video was originally…More

Broadband Delight

After days and weeks of agonizingly sipping bits from a dialup and my mounting frustration force fedback by an unbelievably bizarre customer care center  at BSNL I had really reached my patience threshold. Now after a month had passed by and I placed almost 100+ calls I had stopped counting the delay. Yesterdaly I finally…More

Blogcamp – About Media 2.0 and India

I would be most likely attending Blogcamp in Chennai. It aims to be the biggest blogger meet in the country so far.     As I much as I dislike everybody suffixing a 2.0 to everything that they can I am very much guilty myself propogating 2.0 memes. Blogcamp though loosely defines the topic/ theme…More

Skype & FON partner together

Nytimes breaks the story of Skype & FON partnering together. (via Martin) Network architecture that have service & connectivity unbundled allows innovation to happen by new ways of rebundling. Of course one cannot ignore that in the process this would disintermediate many players in the old value chain. This piece of news has excited so…More

Thinking about Business Models

In most simplistic terms a business is about value creation and a business model refers to value capture function of the person/organization coordinating the value creation. Peter Rip (who writes interesting posts about entrepreneurship and I always find good takeaways from him) has a very detailed diagram which captures his thought process when he thinks…More

Spinning the new axis

I remember a few posts by Om posted a while ago where he used to say that the axis of technology might be slowly shifting towards the somewhere in the centre of asia. Few of my friends from my alma mater are set out to spinning this axis based from Hyderabad. Check out spinaxys which…More

Slow blogging

  I have a lot to write but have been kind of slow to blogging for the past two weeks because my connectivity to net has been through a dialup connection. And accessing net through this is like sipping through needle thin straw. In other words frustrating !!   I am eagerly waiting for my…More

Connectivity , Service Unbundling & Mobile 2.0

In barcamp2, farhaan during his talk mentioned how should telco’s should rise out of the slumber that they are in and not waste copious amount of money on buying 3G license & installing 3G networks. How new connectivity technologies like Wifi/Wimax networks would change the rules of the game for telecom players. In between Ramesh…More

Network Intelligent or Stupid

Rajiv mentions in his recent post about an interesting discussion that surfaced in the mobile monday meet about design of network architecture. Where should the intelligence lie in a network? It is a quite an important discussion and I will add my two bits to the meme here.  As Rajiv pointed out that those who…More

OLPC & India

I was going to write about this very important piece of news on why the move by India is a great one albeit not completely for the reason mentioned by Sandeep Bhattacharjee but then I decided to wait because I was more than certain that the master (IMHO) in these matter will definitely speak and…More

New & Interesting India centric website

Mosh.in  Social Music Site   Took a first look at it, looks promising. NewsCola , Indian Digg  Very very slick Interface. (By who else other than Bixee/Himanshu’s team who have been rolling out web2.0 stuff with an India focus for some time now) Cleartrip.com  Recently funded web portal in hyper crowded travel portal space. Its a…More