ITP for India

       I have always been amazed & intrigued by folks at ITP NYU & their work. The core techie in me would have given out a shrug at the triviality of applications/technologies developed/used here and not give ‘em a second look. But then it is the social, cultural asthetic aspect & meaning which underlie their work that is the most coolest thing about the stuff they build. I am pretty sure most of the computer geeks will never get it. Countless number of cool application that have come out of ITP include Dodgeball, Grafedia, Socialight,Cellphedia, CellMailGraph,  Sub Alerts etc etc.  Popular folks like Douglas Rushkoff & Clay Shirky are among the faculty at the school & gaining entry to the school is pretty difficult.

       I used to think that such schools can only exist in the US and India has a long way to go before such schools could arise but of late I have been stumbling across the Shristi School of Art & Design, Bangalore and their work in a related context.  Just found that they teach a course called Programming for Poets (pretty cool name) where they use processing to teach programming to students who are primarily from arts & design background. My introduction to processing was through mobile processing which I found to be pretty nifty tool for programming J2ME apps.   

     There is a good chance that this school might be the ITP counterpart from India. Shall watch out for things that they churn out. If only I knew anyone from there who blogs.


  1. npllang says:

    Nice link Dude!

    Do you know anyone who teaches that course? I tried searching the links, but nothing useful was found.


  2. rajan says:

    I came across this person’s (Schuyler D. Erle)CV while I was doing some search. He is a developer of geocoder and has taught a course called Locative Media. But you are right that there is no good links to any courses.

  3. Vaibhav says:

    Hi good to see you blog about ITP and Srishti. I am from Srishti and graduated from there in 2004 and am currently at ITP. Yes both are exciting places. I find it interesting that some of you from IIIT are interested in such explorations of technologies. Feel free to write to me- would love to hear what you guys are upto.

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