Blogging has rewoven the fabric of the society

I reached Chennai and am in blogcamp and am live blogging from here. Almost skipped the first presentation which sounded rather drab.

Now there is Jace, Neha in the podium initiating a discussion among the participants on how blogging has changed your life. Here are few very insightful thoughts which are very important to ponder over if you are serious in understand what blogging is about. I have’nt captured everything that was discussed in the session but just what I think are the most signficant ones to think about. Especially for all those who say “Ahh!! All this blogging is all ok but now tell me how do I make money out of it.”

   Getting attention is a moment of epitah. It is great feeling to know that somebody pays attention to you. (Jace)

   Blogging is still difficult for women but is changing power equation for gender. One of the main reason for that there is no other avenue where the barriers to entry to express is so low. – Neha

   It is very personal

  • allows to vent out frustration.( most popular)
  • So personal that have a better connection with blogs. So much have had riffs with spouses.

   A way to give you discipline to learn a subject. Two years ago was a novice to subject but now have learnt a great deal and have a fantastic mind map about .

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