Russ is blogging again

Was checking out Mike’s blog and while going through it I was pleasantly surprised to see Russell Beattie’s blog track back to Mike’s post. Yay ! Russell Beattie has started blogging again.  Any one interested in  mobile would acknowledge as to how much his posts were missed. Hey Russ ! Good to see you blogging…More

wwigo: cameraphone as webcam – public beta

There has been no post on this blog from me since long as the last couple of weeks had kept us extremely busy on our new release. I am happy to say now that early this week wwigo was released into public beta. It is available for free for download, so if you have Nokia…More

Lawrence Liang Property Rights Indian Stories BCB3

Have so many topics that I want to blog about but on top of that list is the talk by Lawrence Liang at Barcamp Bangalore 3 which literally blew my mind . Unfortunately no one recorded it in audio or video 😦 but thanks to kiruba a short offline podcast with him is available.  In…More

Mobile Media MoMo India

I was’nt super excited in feb MoMo but was very happy about MoMo in  Marchespecially the demo part ( from Mango Technologies) it went great. I am sure Sunil and his team from Mango had a lot to take back from MoMo. I am very excited about this MoMo, both the topic and demo.  The…More

BCB3 Notes

BCB 3 had a great start yesterday, the mobile section seemed to be the most popular and was extremely crowded almost all through the day.  My favourite discussion of the day was not in the mobile room but rather it was the one led by Savita. It was heated debate on why/what India needs to…More

Informal Getto fup

Publishing this post a little late but this is about a meetup of a small group on 29th, it was essentially a few entreprenuers from bangalore and alok from canaan met up for about an one and half hour for an informal chat at Pecos. Amongst us we decide to do no pitching which meant that there was great and…More

video age

You know a trend has reached a zenith of when it takes political tones. Check out the Hillary 1984 video,v within a very short time it had hundred more than million views, it is a spoof on the the 1984 ad which laid the foundation of the mac cult. Year 2004 saw the use of…More


The third edition of Barcamp Bangalore has been announced and is scheduled to be held on 31st Mar & Apr 1st.  I love Bangalore Barcamps for the rich interactions and the high quality inputs that I take away from here which is very unique characteristic of it.  The first and second edition were fantastic and…More

Note in BW

     We were covered in  the dealtracker section in BW in this weeks’ edition, blogged about it in detail on the motvik blogMore

Indian Handango – Save2Phone

Few months ago I sounded out the need for a handango in India and I was glad to find (via Ramki) that Roshan of MyZus has released a platform called save2phone which is simillar to that. I don’t need to mention the power of a platform because everyone in the technology world understands it well,  a platform business always…More

MoMo Demo Experience

Experience with doing the MoMo Demo on monday could described best as a little lack luster. It is little hard to say that for an event that you try to coordinate but that is how I would best describe it. But I think the best part of doing an open/informal conference is that you have room to experiment new things and…More

Wikicamp was great

I attended wikicamp last sunday and it was nice to catch up with many folks with whom I had been interacting only over email. It was also great to hear from Jimmy who spoke with such great humility about history of wikipedia , the current work and future course of action for wikipedia and wikia. The crowd at the wikicamp was…More

Wikicamp on

The conference kick starts with Kiruba speaking about the basic rules of unconference. This is not a conference, it is not hallways but the main floors that are the most interesting place in an unconference. No speakers but a discussion leader. If you are the so called audience feel free to be rude , interrupt…More

Internet and Mobile Connect

Arun Natarajan of Venture Intelligence is organizing an event called “Internet and Mobile Connect” in Mumbai on 15th of next month.  As he notes more than half of the investments in technology are happenging in the online service and Mobile VAS space. The event has impressive lineup of experieced investors and entreprenuers to discuss about…More

Wifi & Demos in MoMo

  This months MoMo scheduled on coming Monday (26th Feb)  is going to be very exciting.  First of all there is going to be an interesting talk on state/market of Wifi in India which I had been following very closely in the last few months plus we will be demoing WWIGO which is currently in…More

Attending Wikicamp

   Had to miss proto last month due to illness but would be attending wikicamp in chennai on 25th .Hope to catch up with the regular gang and met some new interesting folks. Don’t think I can speak about anything here but hope to add value by fiddling with my N70 like I did at…More

Whoa ! Camera Phones will be larger than internet in few months

Was groing through post from forumoxford in my mailbox and a post by Tomi Ahonen caught my eye as it was about camera phones :). Following that I checked up his blog and the title of his latest post really shook me and I am sure it would have shook many others as well. “Near…More


3GSM which needs one no introduction for those in mobile space is one of the biggest event for latest and greatest in mobile and is currently ongoing in Barcelona. This is where some of biggest announcements in telecom are made and I am quite excited.  Already some interesting news trickling in like release  of Windows Mobile 6 and…More

gushing about slideshare

    One of the few things that I had seriously missed writing about in my blog absence was about slideshare.  I liked the service the very instant I looked at it and resolved that I MUST write about it the first chance I get to down to do any  writing on my blog. Back then when it was…More