Momo Bangalore July event update

Mobile Monday Bangalore July event had a great turnout, the Mobile Monday blog has been updated with the presentation from the speakers. In the meet we decided that going forth the 4th Monday of every month would be marked for holding Momo Bangalore event.  Check out the photos here.  From the next meet onwards we…More

Favourite presentation at Barcamp

        In both the Barcamps at Hyderabad I found that there is one talk that clearly stands out clearly as my most favourite presentation in that barcamp. In Barcamp Hyderabad1 it was the talk by Jay Pullur, CEO of Pramati on what he thinks is the best opportunities in the web 2.0 space. In…More

Reflection from Barcamp Hyderabad 2

       We had a little silent but a very interesting Barcamp on Saturday. I call it silent because there wasn’t any live blogging :). Despite our best efforts to get the wifi up & running we could not manage to do it due to networking/proxy issues :(. If you are infuriated with that then you…More

Mobile Monday at Delhi

Prashanth announces the launch of mobile monday in Delhi. Mobile Monday Delhi : “Mobile 2.0: Future Trends and Technology” When? 05 August 2006 ( Mark your calender ,it’s on weekend) Where? Adobe Systems India Private Limited Adobe Towers I-1A, City Centre, Sector : 25A Noida – 201301 Tel # 91-120-2444711 Want to participate ?? Register…More

Mobile Monday Bangalore July Meet

This months’ Mobile Monday is going to be held on 24th July. Due to request from many who would be attending MoMo the date has been shifted from 17th to 24th july.  We would be sticking to 4th monday of a month mostly from now on. Thanks to effort from Veer we have launched the…More

TiE ISB connect

TiE ISB Connect this year is happening on september 20 – 22. The dates for the event was announced last year itself but their site has come up now.It is good that they launched their seperate website now. I will be covering this event this year as well.More

Rebundling Media by BBC

      If there is one big corporation that understand the deep changes that are taking place in the mediascape and also embracing those changes and preparing itself for the new world order then it has to be the BBC. (Fox comes second and is way behind even with Myspace in its kitty)       Launching of…More

Just 2 days for Barcamp Hyderabad2

The preparation of Barcamp Hyderabad 2 is going on well. Almost everything has been finalized. Food & snacks has been taken care of thanks to sponsorship from Geodisc & Ramp technology and it is being ordered from Microsoft Caterers. We had planned to scrap the T-Shirts but we have a last minute sponsor for the…More

Free books at Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg  has made millions of online books for free and they are available for download at World ebook Fair      Interestingly it contains not only public domain work but also copyrighted work.  I could find a Neal Stephenson work there 😀 (Neal is one of the best postcyberpunk era science fiction novelist)More

It is just a journey not a destination

There are some things in life that we learn by listening to others who tell you and some other we learn by finding it out by yourself. Even though it is easier to learn from what others tell there is joy in learning it by actually doing/experiencing it. Building a technology product startup in India…More

Mobile Monday Mumbai First Meet Thoughts

        I am just back from Mumbai first Mobile Monday event and it was a wonderful  evening. Despite the best efforts of the Mumbai rains to disrupt the first meet Veer could successfully gather a wide variety of people from different segements of the mobile media value chain.Kudos Veer ! It was nice to meet…More

Mobile Monday Mumbai

       Mumbai Chapter of Mobile Monday has been announced. Here are more details. When: Monday, July 3rd, 2006 7 pm onwards Where: Netcore Solutions, Lower Parel, Mumbai [Address and Directions] Speakers and format of the event is as follows. Introductions Rajesh Jain, MD, Netcore Solutions Mobile Internet for Emerging Markets Pankaj Sethi, VP –…More

Barcamps in India are Seed for a Valley Culture

Barcamps across the world have the common spirit of openness & inclusiveness nature but I think there are different reasons of why they get embraced in different cities in the world. In US when barcamp was started first (in Palo Alto by Chris & others) it was to fight the exclusive, non – open, discrimination…More

Myspace to India

        Just came across this news Myspace to expand to 11 countries and that  includes India. My previous post Media 2.0 & India seems to be appropriately timed.More

Is India ready for Media 2.0 ?

          I had been chewing this thought for a few weeks now in my head, there is so much discussion about the rise of the new media all over the developed parts of the world but is this new baby been given birth to in India.           A question that is been nagging me…More

Webyantra – Techcrunch for India

I keep complaining about the need for a gigaom for India, it is great to see a techcrunch coming up. Amit Ranjan an entrepreneur, who heads the Indian office of Uzanto has started a separate blog called Webyantra which is poised to act as the techcrunch for India.      I like the name webyantra…More

Mobile Monday Bangalore first meet update

I am just back from kicking off the first Mobile Monday Bangalore(India) meet and it was thrilling to meet many mobile enthusiasts. Since this was just a small kickoff meeting and the main intent of the meeting was to discuss about Mobile Monday we had expected only 10 people to turn up but about 20…More

MoMo meet

I would be in bangalore over the weekend and on monday few of us would be meeting up for the first MoMo bangalore meet. Details are below. Date: 19th June, Monday Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm Venue: Koshy's Chill Out Cafe, St Marks Road.     Aztec Soft, #23, 3rd A Cross, 18th Main, 6th Block,…More

Openness and Attention Economy

Goldhaber’s article on “attention economy” when I read a few years ago was an absolute aha moment for me. It was a seminal article which attempted to articulate in a nice manner the nature governing our lives after the advent of the net. The keypoint put forward was that with the net becoming an important…More