Why no Blogcamp reflection post

      A friend asked me why I did not do any post after returning from blogcamp while I was so excited about the event before it had happened. I did not have time to do a post is only a tiny  part of the reason that I did not blog about it, the real reason being that there was nothing much for me to really blog about. The presentation/talks were very boring to me, people were talking about blogging about their pets & cats and how you get more readers and stuff like that. It is not to say that these conversation’s were not significant in their own sense  but they were of absolutely of no utility to me.  There was some  discussion on how new media is changing the existing media order but much of that meme has been dead beaten elsewhere in the world about 2-3 years ago. Nothing new or nothing that is specific to India.  One of the most ironical that I found was that there were reporters who were reporting the event, including Shailaja of GigaOm. I would have rather liked her to  blog about it and not report it.

The only Interesting points about media 2.0 that I heard was from Jace and that I guess is because he is trying to read this 🙂 Folks out here (India) have woken up to the new media but seem to be living the new media revolution without knowing what are these fundamental changes that are happening. I thought that I am a technologist (coming from a technical/geek/nerd world) and what the hell do I know about media and I should STFU and listen & learn from the those that are better educated at me but I was very disappointed.

Well it is not that it as bad as it may sound from the above. Value add for me was meeting with interesting people many of whom I had only virtually met. As a result of going to blog camp I follow a lot more blogs which I would have not otherwise done.

http://radio.weblogs.com/0121664/ (Dina)

http://labnol.blogspot.com/ (Amit Aggarwal)

http://withinandwithout.com/ (Neha)

http://ouchmytoe.rediffblogs.com/ (Jammy)

I learned about a cool thing called the live writer which has made writing a blog a great experience now , thanks to Amit for introducing this to me. As in his words “this is one product that MS has got it right”. I got an oppurtunity where I could test a little bit of video blogging with N70

One thing that I should mention is that I am extremely impressed with the organization of blogcamp (best organized of all unconference I have ever been to ) and a  special mention goes to 20 or so organizers of blogcamp. The kind of umnbounded energy that was displayed is highly admirable. There is much folks from bangalore or hyderabad can learn from these guys. A special mention goes to kiruba as well. Now one would say that this is an unconference and is created by all the participants then why a special mention to kiruba.  That is because be it conference or an unconference you need someone who can be act as a catalyst help core group perform all the necessary action to make things happen and kiruba was one helluva fantastic catalyst Hope someday he does a guide to organizing unconference post some day.

I have decided to more selective in the events to attend.


  1. Hiren says:

    I echo your views on Kiruba. He is a good, smiling personality and organized it well.The other speakers were well intentioned and cooperative.

    I also came back with the feeling that we could have achieved much more. After coming back I learnt about video podcasting from someone thorugh email. Podcasting failed for some reason on wordpress in Chennai by the guy who tried to demonstrate it on the sify comluter.
    I still don’t know how to enter code in technorati, we keep coming across new terminologies like Digg, delicio etc. One wonders what all is one supposed to know.

    At the camp, everybody was running after everybody else. Instead, if the secondday had been devoted to some hands on expeirnece to remove the newbie’s doubts instead of more “boring” talks, that would have been better.
    I also feel that making contacts was the only really valubale thing I got from the conference. I will cheris the camp more for getting in touch with childhood hero Sunil Gavaskar.

  2. rajan says:

    As another friend once said a conference or unconference – a synthesis what makes it meaningful. In the age of web 2.0 & smartmobs it is easy to coordinate a huge gathering. The question ot be be asked is what is that is getting synthesized ( I mean what did I as an individual in the conference gain in value and also what is that the conference in overall created as value) , in a conference it is laid out pretty well, but in an unconference we need to work towards

    Yeah meeting Sunil Gavaskar in person was a great wonderful feeling for me as well 🙂


  3. Jace says:

    Actually, Rajan, I still haven’t read LNM — no more than six pages at least. My talk was based on independent work from the past couple of years.


  4. rajan says:


    Sorry about that, used to follow your work but was not much aware of all media related stuff that you were working on.
    Just before your talk you showed me the LNM book and that’s why I referenced it 🙂


  5. Jace says:

    I’m getting deeper and deeper into examining media from the dual lenses of culture and technology. It’s fascinating.

  6. rajan says:

    🙂 the tech part is fairly straightforward to grok but it is the cultural and the social aspect which totally fascinate me

  7. Kim says:

    haha great! I must show that to my friend 😀

  8. Vaha says:

    just test soft-a :))))

  9. Caiek says:

    So much spam (

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