Did not attend TiE ISB Connect

 No I did not go there though I initially thought that I would be there. A few days before the event I decided to skip it  as something else had cropped up. Anyway as I had suspected the event was drab, friends who attended confirmed. The regular dosage of beating around the bush and a  leading VC self promoting their portfolio investments.

Making it a three day event only derided value as by the third day the complete enthusiasm has drained out for everyone involved.

The only two interesting folks out there who were making a lot of sense were Ajit Deora from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Farhaan of Spokn.


  1. karthikeyan says:

    Hi Rajan,
    Yeah thats true to a great extent. I still wonder though, y so much beating around the bush happens. #-o Some where the focus is lost and it’s esp true for the third day. To conclude, it served 60% of my expectations I can say.

  2. Abi says:

    Awesome, man

  3. Caiek says:

    So much spam (

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