Attempt at video blogging from blogcamp

   While others are doing a terrific coverage via live blogging I have been experimenting with video blogging with the help of my N70 but have been facing a lot of challenges.

  • Battery totally running down while shooting a video(biggest problem with an N70) , lost the video that I shot of Amit Aggarwal yesterday. 😦
  • Bad lighting while shooting the video, I  don’t know what I can do  about it.
  • The speed is way too slow for video blogging as it is taking eons to upload a video.
  • If I have to be doing real live video blogging then I would have to shoot a video and immediately transfer via my cable the video to my laptop and that copying takes some time and thus have to miss on the next speaker. The obvious way is to just record all and the end of the day upload it all but then it won’t be completely live. If I were at the Nokia N70 I think about this as a feature to work for their further N series offering as a device for blogging. Thats how I missed on Sharad Haskar video.
  • Some weird problem with my N70 which would not allow recording even though the with the recording application running, so I missed out a lot of Gavaskar’s video :(. Maybe I should say that if I were at 
  • Finding it totally totally difficult to cross post it from I guess I should leave it all at my account and point to the urls there.  

But despite all these problems the following are some of the video blogs that I was able to do 🙂 🙂


Sharad Haskar Coke Clip

Rajesh on Blogging for Global Perspective.

Workshop on Podcasting ( part 1, part 2 , part 3)

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