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The conference kick starts with Kiruba speaking about the basic rules of unconference.

  • This is not a conference, it is not hallways but the main floors that are the most interesting place in an unconference.
  • No speakers but a discussion leader. If you are the so called audience feel free to be rude , interrupt the discussion if you want to.
  • Two feet rule, if you are uncomfortable use your feet to be more comfortable


Nick from Underdog pictures doing a documentary on Jimmy Wales and wikipedia, gave a quick introduction. Another quick introduction from Ganesh K , an admin in wikipedia who posts a lot of content related to India.

Presenetation from Jimmy Wales on wikipedia


First had looked at Open source

  • Improvements in fundamental way.
  • Exposes bugs.
  • Anyone can contribute.

So why not open content.

So in 1999 – the idea of a freely licensed encyclopedia called nupedia

  • it had thousand of volunteers
  • in many languages

But that idea was a failure, Some of the reasons of how/why we falied –

  • because of the tight academeic nupedia process.

It included the following steps

    • assignment
    • lead reviewer
    • a lead review
    • open review
    • lead copyediting
    • open copyediting
    • final approval and markup

    What I learend

    • A priori thinking is bad
    • community is good
    • people are basically good
    • guided chaos is unstoppable
    • a simple vision is good


    pretty cool, for a small encyleopedia


    • Primary lessons from my work so far
    • Trust people
    • Avoid a priori thnking
    • Guide the chaos to a simple vision.

    Example of other kinds of wikia

      • topic encyclopedia
      • magazines (ArmchairGM)
      • social community ( fannon, furry)
      • hybrid ( campaign, and all to some extent)

      Search is a fundamental part of the infrastructure of the internet and therefore of human society as a whole. Thus open source search is very important, transparent, all algorithms published, testable, researchable.

      Dozens of questions of great questions fielded with great clarity & humility, I just could not keep up with the pace of the questions.


      1. Thilak says:

        I’m glad we meet each other, even after the unconference.

      2. Rajan says:

        Yup 🙂 !

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