My absence from the blogging world has been extremely long and I missed a lot of news and action due to that. Though I have had previous breaks but none of them have lasted this long.  The reason was that I had been working on my startup (Motvik) which kept me very occupied leaving pretty much no time for anything else.  The product that I am working would enter in it’s private alpha stage today which now gives some room to do few other things.

Some of the regular readers would know about my extreme obsession with camera phones and how I have raved about them previously so it is just easy to guess that my new product also is around a camera phone.  To explain in one single sentence what the product does

      “It  is piece of software which converts a cameraphone into a webcam for use with PC/Laptop” 

 and hence the product has been named ‘wwigo’ (prounounced ‘vigo’ ) which stands for ‘webcam wherever i go’, it currently works only on select Nokia phones while we are working on to build support for other phones and platforms.

We have been quite inspired by getting real and hence have taken a lot of lessons from that in doing our work , this blog post itself is a testimony to doing development in a real way. 🙂

With a milestone achieved I hope to get back on track on blogging on a regular basis. Btw you would also find me blogging at the Motvik blog. One of the things that i realized is that running a startup and blogging simulataneously is extremely difficult and I bow to all those who are able to do it very successfully.


  1. Amit Agarwal says:

    Good luck with wwigo. Cheers.

  2. suman says:

    Hey rajan gr8 to hear abt motvik(BTW what does it mean). Ur back in the game head on i guess. Keep us updated. Bye

  3. rajan says:

    Thanks for the wishes.

    Motvik is a sanskrit neologism which means ‘mobile guna’ ( sanskritword for property), Just like Satvik means one who has Satva(pious) Guna, Motvik means that which has Mobile Guna,


  4. jayaram says:

    great to know..i was wondering why you suddenly went below radar I know!

    congrats and best of luck!

  5. rajan says:

    thanks Jayaram !

  6. Nilesh Trivedi says:

    So now we know ! 🙂

    WWIGO is a really nice concept I’m sure users will like it. Personally, I have not yet moved up the ladder to get a camera phone, hehe !


  7. Hey Rajan,
    Good to hear about your startup.All the best for it.I have already registered for your Beta and I am excited about it 🙂


  8. Prashant says:

    good luck for your new venture . i am waiting for an invite

  9. Rajan says:

    Was sent already, let me check

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