Life is like a book and they are made of many chapters. Well these days I am trying to define the broad frames to chart/write out the ‘ChapterNext’ of my life. This chapter would be later indexed as ‘Chapter 8’ Chapter 1 {Class(1-4) [1981 – 1990]} Chapter 2 {Class(5-9) [1990 – 1995]} Chapter 3 {Class(10-12)…More

Right Attitude

Read this article on ET today titled ‘Mind over Matter’ .The article starts with something like ” ‘Attitude beats ability hands down when it comes to parameters that determines an individual’s success.’ Some survey reports that success depends on 85% attitude and only 15% ability. Self reading and and experience is the way to acquire…More

My answers to questions on ‘An Entrepreneur’s Early Days’

This post by Rajesh on ‘ An Entrepreneur’s Early Days’ is like pearls of wisdom about entrepreneurship from someone who is been an entrepreneur already and experienced failures and successes. He raises some interesting questions related to various aspects about wanting to be an entrepreneur.. Some of my personal answer to these are: Ofcourse I…More

Whatz Life @ MBA college like ??

At some point later in my life, I ‘might’ do an MBA. Not sure on it though but still I am getting curious what guys do @ a Management college. So I take a peek at those who are doing an MBA right now. Blogs that I check out regularly Ramki: A techie in ISB.…More

Blogging Regularly

I registered this blog quite some time back, but have not been posting any blogs regularly. Well here are a couple of reasons why now I am planning to blog regularly. I plan to use this blog for my Personal Information Management. – It has been horribly difficult for me to manage the information that…More


Been quite some time that I blogged. Well now I have finished college and I working near home. I am working in an IT consulting firm called Sapient.More

A Small Intro

So let me start telling something about myself first Well I am doing my final year B.Tech in Computer Science at IIIT Hyderabad, India , one of the premier educational Institute for Computer Science in IndiaMore