Whatz Life @ MBA college like ??

At some point later in my life, I ‘might’ do an MBA. Not sure on it though but still I am getting curious what guys do @ a Management college. So I take a peek at those who are doing an MBA right now.

Blogs that I check out regularly
Ramki: A techie in ISB.
(This makes me feel nostalgic, ISB shares boundary with my college IIIT-Hyd. ISB’s construction started one year after I joined college.I have also been to ISB a couple of times.)

I haven’t come across anyone maintaing a good blog from IIMA. Pooh!! 😦
I get to hear from friend of mine who is in there that IIMA grads are so damn busy to blog. Well I guess
so is Ramki rather more I would say as ISB’s course spans just an year.
Anyone from IIMA listening. !!

Anurag Jain: Doing PhD in IIMB
This is a real terrific blog. Quite an interesting guy.

It would be great if I find an IIMC as well. Drop me a note if you happen to know one such blog.

Another one. Snapshots from IIM Hell(L), well that is what the blog says.

Infact a whole big list of people @ management colleges worldover blogging can be found @ MBALeague

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