Visit to Ahmedabad

I haven’t been blogging for the past three four days. I had been to Ahmedabad to meet a dear friend of mine who is studying at IIMA. I should say that the IIMA campus is just awesome. It looks really beautiful in dimly lit light in the night. There I heard about the some really great Prof’s like Raghuram, C. Ravi etc, just did not get a chance to meet them. Made me feel like I want to learn from some many things from great guys like those.

Lot of my notions got validated/discarded there. My friend was right about what they teach @ IIMA. They teach you how to think. The exam of CAT is to check in the person the basic aptitude for thinking and the capability and courage to take an strenuous course like the one at IIMA.

My visit served the dual purpose of meeting my friend and get a peek of life @ IIMA. Also had a chance to visit some of the Gujarati clubs which organized garba there for navratri and eat some delicious Gujarati food.

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