Right Attitude

Read this article on ET today titled ‘Mind over Matter’ .The article starts with something like ” ‘Attitude beats ability hands down when it comes to parameters that determines an individual’s success.’ Some survey reports that success depends on 85% attitude and only 15% ability. Self reading and and experience is the way to acquire the ‘right attitude’. says R. Gopalakrishnan”

The article goes on further saying ” Experience is a crucible. It doesn’t matter how you fell into it, but it matters how you came out of it.”, reiterating proverbial adage – success lies in doing, not in getting . But you need to manage yourself before you can “do”, something in life. Some tips on these would be

Manage your body
Nurture it and respect it, because you can’t rely on a spare one in case of irreplaceable damage. Secondly it pays to inculcate healthy thoughts. Your mind is like a garden and you need to tend it to prevent weeds from growing

Manage your time
The lack of it seems to be a congenial disability among several senior executives.

Mange your conscience
Matters of morality and ethics cannot be segregated into black or white.

Once you learn to listen to your conscience, it will automatically trigger a desire to manage happiness. But this as well is possibly only if you realize that happiness is a state of mind and your constant companion and not a destination.

‘Experience is not what happens to a man, but what a man does to what happens to him’ says Mr. Gopalakrishnan. ”

Well this article reiterates and reinforces my notion that having a right attitude is the single most important key to success. I heard this somewhere quite long time back.

“It is your attitude rather than your aptitude that takes you to a higher altitude.”

I constantly look out for opportunities to go through good experience that shape me into having the ‘Right attitude’.

Infact attitude compatability tha I call is something that I look out for when making new friends.

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