Indian Idol – Why zero sum game?

I am hooked to Indian Idol this season as well but what causes a lot of uncomfort to me is the fact that Indian Idol ( and all other singing talent show in so many other languages)  is a zero sum game. There are many forces driving such a show – discovery for new talent, reality induced TRP leading to pricey ad inventory, mobile based revenue stream but none of these reasons I think are causal enough for it to be zero sum then why is it  hit driven ?


  1. Gubbi says:

    I guess people always want a victor and a celebrity. That’s what kind of creates “reality” in these shows. Doesn’t it?

    Also, it’s not actually a zero sum game. They get popularity. They get their makeover, Get to wear designer clothes 🙂 They are participating in more shows. They are finding more assignments. They are anchoring shows. I don’t think Indian Idol 3 winner Prashanth Tamang really did win as much as others did. It looks like those who have impressed organizers and judges the most, will end up in a better position than those who just impressed the junta.

  2. Rajan says:

    Your first point definitely makes sense.

    The reason I say it is zero sum because it is the so called winner ( only one) who gets a singing contract or other disproportionate opportunities and while others don’t. Actually I am also expressing doubts if the others are better off due to their exposure at these shows. Whatever others get does not seem to be significant enough.


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