Critical Next Gen Mobile Service Enabler

ZXing – a mobile barcode reader, a google project is publicly out now. I have been tracking barcodes in mobile for quite some time and am going to download ZXing and give it a try. I have always thought that a barcode reader should be open source with sustained support for it, with google getting behind it I think that would be gauranteed. Seems like ZXing supports 1D barcodes as well , will be interesting to see how that works. Also would be interesting to see how it compares with 3GVision reader , it is one of the best readers I have seen.

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  1. Swampthing says:

    If Google thought this out, why wouldn’t they want to control revenue from both a direct and indirect system?

    Why not offer the brands, their customers, the option of both worlds? Why? Brands could change their offering without changing the code on their product.

    Why not offer a mobile reader that lets the consumer click on multiple types of codes and other things.

    IMO, the NeoReader offers the end to end solution for consumers.

    Google needs to take another look at mobile interaction. Why? There are more than just codes to click on. What happens when I walk down the street and there are no codes to click on? What if I say the resturant name into the browser? What about RFID? What about keywords, logos, trademarks?

    If Google wants to offer the best, end to end for the consumer, they need to offer direct and indirect solutions for their customers and the ability to click on multiple types symbologies, and keywords, logos, trademarks, RFID, from the mobile device.

    IMO, they are a smart group, they need to think about what they want to offer their customers and what they can do for the end user. Anything less would be worthless to the consumer.

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