Indian mobile data and GPRS is a supply side problem

The more and more I come to think about it , I think the lack of uptake of mobile data is a supply side problem rather than a demand side as it is drummed up to be.  I am a little tired now of  hearing the myth of 50-10-2 about GPRS since the last two years which is that   there are 50 million GPRS capable handset, 10 million GPRS enabled hanset while only 2 million active GPRS users. Now come on even the total mobile numbers have more than doubled since the last two years.  Also whatever is in supply is completely tangential from what is demanded and which ironically gets  portrayed like this. There are large enough number of users tapping their mobile key pads ( or willing to do that) to access some kind of mobile data other than SMS/voice but they find it hard to get anything meaningful. Asif Ali of Mobil-Worx has good data points to back up this argument.

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