BPL Mobile TV

BPL is set to launch mobile TV and looking to getting one million users using the service in six months. What are they smoking ??!!! Either the HT reporter has massaged the message a little more than what is necessary or the executive quoted has no idea of what he is talking about.Nokia Widsets which I think is one of the finest example of extremely fast adoption of a mobile data service/app  took a little more than a 6 months to reach 1 million user base in a global market. If only BPL can achieve what they claim  then they can be gauranteed a place in the Indian Limca Book Of Records.

With more of such announcements on mobile TV happening in India since last year and everytime each of these announcement claiming it’s a first in India I am just totally confused on what mobile TV really is. ( IMO a unicast certainly can’t be called TV)


  1. Vamshi says:

    What you have said is absolutely right. Idea Cellualar has already lauched MObile TV, it is called ” Idea TV” powered by Apalya Technologies and is doing failry GOOD, but the numerbs which are mentioned here are as you said totally unrealistic. Apalya is also launching the service with BSNL, SPICE , MTNL and many more in the next Qtr. You can also download the application from the Idea Cellular Web Site in the VAS Section. Currently Apalya offers close to 35 Channels, we just don’t like to talk about it.

  2. Rajan says:

    Hi Vamshi,

    I was aware of Apalya powered mobile TV but never got around to trying it . I will certainly check out Idea’s website. I have read about apalya through an article by Namitha @ mint but did’nt know whether the Mobile TV service is broadcast or client-server ?


  3. Vamshi says:

    The Service is not broadcast, it is a client server.

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