The third edition of Barcamp Bangalore has been announced and is scheduled to be held on 31st Mar & Apr 1st.  I love Bangalore Barcamps for the rich interactions and the high quality inputs that I take away from here which is very unique characteristic of it.  The first and second edition were fantastic and I had great time with lot of fun & learning and I am very excited about this edition as well.

The theme of the event this time around  is  “social-tech  – the impact of technology in our lives and society and vice versa.”

So I am looking forward to this barcamp and hope to have some great conversations around topics like digital property rights , post-network societies, free culture, attention economy,  communities & source of  value, hypersimulation , anomie , new/social  media etc.Would be doing a talk and/or a demo on my favourite technology – cameraphones 🙂


  1. vibhash says:

    Hie rajan…

    Hope you rem me…we talked once regarding FON….Nice to see youre comming to Barcamp Bangalore….
    I would just like to inform you that the link to your blog in the registration page is wrong…u missed a “s” in rajan.wordpress.com 🙂

    I have one querry, I wanna present a topic on “A Web 2.0 Social Blogging Platform”, and i wanna know what are the things i require for that?
    Do i need a laptop for that presentation? or any other requirements?


  2. it was back in 99, watching movies all the tim. Mica Kingsley.

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