Indian Handango – Save2Phone

Few months ago I sounded out the need for a handango in India and I was glad to find (via Ramki) that Roshan of MyZus has released a platform called save2phone which is simillar to that. I don’t need to mention the power of a platform because everyone in the technology world understands it well,  a platform business always trumps a product business. Once the initial chicken & egg problem is solved through proper seeding then it is a roaring self sustaining business. There are a couple of things though that needs to be done differently from handango  like payments platform/pricing needs to be adapted for the Indian needs but I am sure that they are being properly looked at. I met Roshan very briefly at MoMo mumbai a few months ago and I found him extremely soft spoken but very intelligent and sharp. This is certainly something that I would definitely watching out.

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