TiE ISB connect

TiE ISB Connect this year is happening on september 20 – 22. The dates for the event was announced last year itself but their site has come up now.It is good that they launched their seperate website now. I will be covering this event this year as well.


  1. Mahesh says:


    If you are familiar with the Gachibowli area, could you please let me know if there are any good hotels nearby ISB.

    Travelling from airport or the city to ISB would be hectic during the rush hours.


  2. rajan says:

    There are no hotels in Gachibowli at all. You may find few corp apartments in Madhapur though , that is where hitech city is located. I am not sure if there places which are available for rent for few days. There are a couple of men’s hostel in madhapur as well I guess.

  3. Santa(na) says:

    We got selected in the 1st round but did not make it in the 2nd which doesn’t make any sense at all since the project and team had solid background in IT and Telecommunication Industry for more than 20 + years and moreover it is on the newly emerging market space (M-Commerce)….well at this point I do not care becuase with or without the help TiE-ISB we still plan on starting it before the end of theis year in Bangalore and Boston. Moreover, I don’t even know if I am in the idea stage….I will surprised if we are not ther because this market is ready to explode sooooon….man!!!!

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