MoMo meet

I would be in bangalore over the weekend and on monday few of us would be meeting up for the first MoMo bangalore meet.

Details are below.

Date: 19th June, Monday
Time: 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Venue: Koshy's Chill Out Cafe, St Marks Road.

    Aztec Soft, #23, 3rd A Cross, 18th Main, 6th
Block, Koramangala.

We have thought of a few topics that we can disucss

1) Mobile TV and its implications.
2) Emergence of Open Source Software for Mobiles
3) Organization of MoMo.

It is an open event. If you would like to drop in, let me(thiyagarajan AT gmail DOT com) or Rajiv (rpoddar AT gmail DOT com) know

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  1. snigdha says:

    hi rajan,

    MoMo — is this a regular event you have in Bangalore? How long has it been going on? Would be interesting to find out more about it.

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