Barcamp Hyderabad 2

Barcamp Hyderabad held in April got an amazing response with close to around 200 people turning up for. So much so that almost everyone was eager to know when the next barcamp is going to be. Energized , encouraged & enthused by this we announce Barcamp Hyderabad 2 and this time around we plan to have it even more bigger. Last barcamp was about the web and this time it is about Mobiles .

Just recently we crossed 100 million mark for the number of mobile in India, thus it is undoubted that mobiles are goint to bring in a lot of changes in terms of creating new business and influence & shape a lot of our culture/lifestyle. We hope to cover these aspects in the barcamp.

If you want to camp here then get yourself added to the wiki & the yahoo group(if you hav'nt done so far :)).


Theme: Mobile Applications in the next Gen Internet

Where: JNTU Campus, (3.5 KM from HiTech city Microsoft Campus, Gachibowli

When: July 15, Saturday. 11am to 5pm (tentative)

We got together last friday to discuss things needed to kickoff barcamp hyderabad2, if you'd like to check out then mohit has more details on it.

Please help spread the word around, tell your friends,blog about it etc etc.

I just hope that this time it does not clash it with any other event 🙂


  1. We are planning for barcamp Pune right now and one of the things we are experimenting with is to have a couple of common, open sessions to discuss a specific topic – say “Potential and opportunities in the online classified business in India” OR “The lessons of building a startup team while bootstrapping”. Its still a plan but we hope it spurs discussion that benefits all and really brings out the best thoughts on some of the subjects, which are otherwise not possible is a presentation driven agenda.

  2. Ajay says:

    Excellent Rajan for being first to organize Barcamp2 and exclusively event for an increasingly getting important mobile space.

    I will certainly try and attend this time.

    Ajay Sanghani

  3. Prashant says:

    thats a great news i wish i could attend that .. work pressure may not allow me to do so . still would trek the progress on live blogs

    good luck . I envy you guys . will try to organize the sequel of Barcamp Delhi here soon

  4. uday garikapati says:


    Thanks for all your (you,ramesh,rajat…..) efforts in organizing the BarCampHyderabad. I am looking to see the BarCampHyd 2 to happen.

    I am ready to give an helping hand for any work. Please let me know if you need any.


  5. bala says:


    Great job on Barcamps, I wish I knew April BarCamp when I was in Hyderabad. I will definitely check your site for BarCamp info next time when I visit India


  6. rajan says:


    Thanks for volunteering ,we need a lot of help


    Looking foward to see you

    Do let me know how was your experience

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