New VC on the block

Silicon beat reports that Canaan partners a Valley based VC has set up office in India. Helping run ts Indian office is Alok Mittal(a BoA member) who posts sometimes at Venturewoods. As discussed in the post by Matt this might be the first few example of VC's coming to India and setting up offices here.

I have added Canaan to the list of Indian VC which I mentioned yesterday that I will be putting up. This list might be handy to entreprenuers in India. Drop me a note if you want to edit any of these two (Entreprenuers, VCs) spreadsheets, I will send an numsum invite. You could also send me the information I will update them.


  1. Ripul Kumar says:

    Hi Rajan,

    Been long since I visited your website — been just too busy nurturing some long term clients.

    Could you change Kern Communications’ website link in the entrepreneurs list to

    And, let me know if you guys need any Usability help. Visit my office with stuff to be discussed.

    – Ripul Kumar

    Ripul Kumar
    Director, Usability Outsourcing Services
    Kern Communications, India
    +91 98 66342166

  2. rajan says:


    I fixed the typos. Sure I would drop in to your office. Btw we started planning on the next barcamp. Tentative on July 15th. Could you upload the videos of the previous barcamp

  3. Puneeth says:

    Hi Rajan

    A very nice compilation indeed. If you could add the list of incubators like Erasmic, e-cells at various institutions, it would be great. Hope to catch up with you @ MoMo (attending out of curiosity)

    – Puneeth

  4. rajan says:

    What I did was to find out the companies in the incubation centres and I added them( you will see in the list companies from SINE). If you can tell me the company names I will add them. Sure lets catch up at MoMo.


  5. Puneeth says:

    Rajan, I agree that you have added companies incubated by SINE and others. Erasmic is a company which incubates companies. They have already incubated some. I too share the passion of tracking new companies on the block. Will update you soon on the same.

  6. Hello,

    This is a nice list (of entrepreneurs and VCs) you have compiled. Do you think my website would qualify for the first list? It is India’s first used-book store based on a p2p model and the response since its 12th July launch has been tremendous.

    Thank you,


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