Indian Tech Startups

Two days ago a friend from in a b-school asked me to give him a list of early startups in India. I have been tracking the startup scene in India for a long time now but when he asked me to give a list then I did not have one that I could pass it on to him. Also realized that there is no pointers on the internet which I could point him to. So I sat down and put together a list of all the startups in India that I have came across ( met, heard or read) in the last few months. I am posting this list here in the hope that this is of help to someone.I would have pasted the entire list in the post itself only if wordpress would have permitted to do so.

I think the best way to share this could be to put the file on a collaborative space, I tried using numsum but the free service only allows upto 20 rows. Let me know if there is any alternate solution to put this up somewhere where it can be edited wiki style. (here is the excel sheet for this)

update: I could upload this sheet to numsum, thanks to Animesh for pointing this out. 🙂 If you want to edit this sheet to add entries let me know, I will send you an numsum invite to do so. 


  1. Animesh says:

    A good start! Though I believe there are many more startups which have still to appear on the list. Uzanto for example comes to my mind.

    Hopefully people will fill in more info with time. Two things,

    1. I wonder what D & HR Consultants does, and can they be called “Tech” Startups.
    2. NumSum doesn’t seem to restrict rows in my case!? Why so? See if you can try it out. Additionally I’ve put it up at iRows as well.



    1. ashutosh says:

      wow this is really good list.. thanks dear

  2. rajan says:

    Yeah Pbwiki is good but is something which could maintain the tabular format very easily ( like numsum)

  3. Ankur Gupta says:

    ur list will help many

  4. rajan says:

    Thanks animesh for pointing this out, I have uploaded to numsum.

    Hope it does, I am preparing , have a half baked list of VC’s in India which I will soon upload in simillar way.

  5. Satish says:

    hey rajan, send me a numsum invite man….

  6. rajan says:

    Yeah !! Thanks for the link Google may just every problem that we might face 🙂

  7. Rajiv says:

    i discovered another early stage investor today.

  8. rajan says:

    I have’nt included mahesh murthy’s seedfund yet. Thanks rajiv I have included it now.

  9. Rajan,
    Please send me an invite to numsum

  10. snigdha says:

    hi rajan,

    interesting list of companies. you certainly do get around. tagging this post and the list to my blog — will be useful exploring each of these companies individually.

  11. sudhir says:

    Dear Rajan,

    Quite a comprehensive list.
    Hope to see more exciting stuff here.

  12. Sunil Goyal says:

    Hello Rajan,

    I want to add Wirkle in this list. We are a starup building up a community around mobile media. Checkout


  13. rajan says:

    Hi Sunil,

    I added your startup !


  14. Vish says:

    Hi Rajan, I’m shocked that your list does not contains yet! 🙂

  15. Vijay says:

    How can we edit and add some more companies to that list?

  16. Piyush Gupta says:

    I too have been collating the list of startups for quite a while now. Am sure, I could also contribute a bit to the list. I too was thinking on to the similar lines of creating Startup list as dynamic as they come n’ go. For the time being. let me know, how can I add the names to the list.

  17. Rajan says:

    Sent an invitate to you.

    A wiki would also be a good idea. I have sent you an invite to you.

    Good effort, I will also include the list you are maintaining here.

  18. jerry says:

    Hi Rajan, Can you send me an invite too ?

  19. Alok says:

    Nice work. Following your blog.. since quite sometime – your posts are great.

    A couple of thoughts… if you are compiling a list of startups, I guess you should probably define what falls under your definition of an startup – (either by duration of existence in the industry, level of funding, etc. )

    Not sure if these fall under your definition of startup, but following companies are worth mentioning in mobile space –
    1. Coruscant Inc. ( – Mumbai based startup – recently working on Paymate (onlines of paypal) -founded by Probir Roy, Ajay Adiseshan
    2. Unicel Technologies ( – founder Vinay Aggarwal and his brother – bangalore based
    3. NGPay ( – mobile commerce
    4. And you would have probably heard about coolpool, and others in MobileMonday Delhi event.

  20. rajan says:

    Hi Alok,
    All the companies you mentioned are startups , I have no specific definion. I have included all the tech startups starting right from the idea stage to the ones that are funded & operational till they reach the IPO stage.

    My focus though has been on the early stage companies.

    I will add the ones that you mentioned.

  21. Gautam says:

    Hi Rajan,

    You have a great list of startup firm names. But as a record could you forward me the complete list of Start-ups till as of date – techie or non techie to me.

    It will be great help!



  22. rajan says:

    Hi Gautam,

    the most updated list is maintained at numsum itself. I don’t have a list of non techie companies 😦


  23. Mandeep Sahni says:

    If you want invite then send me an email at

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  25. Shankara says:

    Nice list…You cud add itasveer,indiagames,many more..

  26. Rakesh says:

    definetely a commendable contribution to the community.
    i am scouting for techno startups in the areas – energy, infrastructure, healthcare, environmental care, automation & control.
    i am finding it difficult to search on net and also the ROC has stoped publishing CDs
    could someone help me on this.

    thank you group

  27. Rajan says:

    Check out the site. They have a name query section, they might have this as well.

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  29. StartupNews says:


    Thanks for sharing this list, its quiet useful.

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  30. Rajesh says:


    I came across this startup, Spoke to one of their marketing managers,Apparently, has plans to expand their company with a pan-Indian launch and brand awareness campaign..

  31. Jacob says:

    Thanks for sharing the list.

  32. Abhishek says:


    u can add these websites started by some IITians:



  33. Sachin says:

    Well Another name that can make to this list is

    Based out of Gurgaon

    Products for Contact Centers (Unified Interaction Management)

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  36. Parikh says:

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  39. Deepa says:

    Hi Rajan,
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  41. Rakesh says:

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  47. Rajan says:

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  48. yourmitra says:

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  49. Craze says:

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