Entrepreneurial Lessons

       Nuggets of wisdom learnt through painstaking experience by an entreprenuer. I could not agree more to each of the word spelt in his post.  Reproducing below the key points spelt in the post.

  • You don’t need an MBA for the first 3 years
  •  What type of people should be in the team:
    • Those who say – behave – act – MY COMPANY
    • Those who focus on work and don't try to bargain fully knowing that chips are down
    • Those who can share your dream and are driven by it

       I have myself got into arguments with many (including people who are experienced) on why it does not make sense to have an MBA type in the team of a early stage technology company. ( Oh yeah but the VC's will tell you otherwise :)) 


  1. I am afraid you are quite wrong. My partner Sumanth and I run InstaColl. Sumanth is an MBA from IIM-B. If it were not for his tight control on things like cash flow, forward looking financial planing etc, we would have closed down long back.
    On of the most common mistakes that startups make is have no control over crucial areas like cash flow which is the life blood of any company.
    This important fact is often overlooked and what precious little capital that the founders have raised is often spent with out keeping an eye on your RoI. Money should always be invested and not spent and geeks often tend to ignore this subtle difference.

  2. rajan says:

    Hi Kaushal,

    What Udyan is people bloat their value by plastering a degree which is does not mean a value add.

    My issue with people with an MBA degree is that they don’t understand the economics of technology and thye cling to notions/thoughts which are derived out of conditions whose very basis technology re-defines.

    Your point of geeks not keeping an eye on the RoI happens a lot of the time but they try to create a lot of value. Talking of Geeks you might find this post of mine interesting. https://rajan.wordpress.com/2006/03/10/to-all-my-geek-friends-and-other-geeks-in-the-world/

    Yeah in your case note that correlation != causation 🙂

    Thanks for the comment


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