Tiecon notes

I attend almost every TiE meet that I can as there is always something new to learn or someone interesting to meet there. Have been attending all the bangalore meet since over an year and all the hyd meets since last couple of months. The one meet (the biggest & most talked about one) which I can’t attend is the TiEcon as it is held in the valley and has a very high entry fee :(. Thanks to few blogs I could catch up with some of what went over there. đŸ˜€

update:Wahindia has very good coverage of the entire event. hat tip: Alok


  1. Please assist me with notes on entrprenuership for my masters degree

  2. Please assist me with some notes on entreprenuership for my masters degree in Public sector management

  3. rajan says:

    hi ,
    I don’t have any notes you should refer to the site (wahindia) I mentioned for notes. Also you could refer to Nikhil’s post at contentsutra, http://www.contentsutra.com/entry/tiecon-2006-our-complete-coverage


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