Two new things at barcamp

    There are two absolutely new and interesting things I learned at Barcamp at bangalore. Thanks to the wonderful idea of a lightning talk that somebody came up with there !

     Streetperformer protocol. It is a protocol put forward by Bruce Schiener & John Kelsey to fund public work throughprivate funds. It is a fascinating concept. (Talk by Siddharth, he is from ISB latest batch. I wonder what was he doing here :D)

     A bangalore based lawyer named Lawrence Liang's alternate postulate to free culture. Liang says that Lessig gets it all wrong about free culture. (Thanks to Jace to bring this out). I knew that there are some holes with what lessig says but Liang seems to have done an extensive study. Got to sit down some day and go to the root level and see what they both say. 


  1. Pontifex says:

    Can you please send me the ppt of hands-on “Economics of Web 2.0”, session you took in Barcamp Hyderabad?

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