Barcamp Bangalore – Chris Messina Talks

Captured notes from barcamp – not live blogging  

   Missed a large part of it on discussion on barcamps , mashpits but did join the session a little before everyone started speaking about why they were here to attend this barcamp.

Pardon me if I used weird way to reference people sorry I could not read the name tags or there were no name tags at all. Give me the fixes below I will be more than glad to that. 

Amit Ranajan: Great Exp from Barcamp Delhi, want to attend more.

Vijender   Curiosity : Kalyan

Gentlman in Orange Shirt: ??

Akash: Never discuss them with people.

Mohit : For getting Idea

Podshala :   F/b from the community.

?? Do user interface design.

?? Search from Web 2.0 search results  -barcamp – Foocamp fuss.

?? (Lawyer ) Django Speaker : To Put name to faces.

Podshala – Was at Barcamp chennai
?? Currently went Into project mgmt – to keep in touch what is going around.

?? – Not a geek – but find out what they are doing.

Ashwing – non IT bckgrnd – Healthcare background. – find out what geeks are upto  We have a lawyer and a doctor.
Thej – Meet people – map them to faces.

Manish – Stay connected in person.

Venu Gopal – Blogged about Riya – so tara invited.

Rajiv Poddar – ??

Jitender – 2nd one , liked the first  one in noida so wanted to come here as well.
Anil – ??

Shaurya – Talking
Nicolas –  To meet other people in Innovation

Abhishek  Nayani – ??

Suresh – To meet people interested in technology.

Fichialds – I attend camps. Changes the world interacts with one another.

Syed –  Attend boring meetings TiE, NASSCOM these concept raised a curiosity in me

Chad –  Glad to be here.

Alex – Jealous of the community  at SF.  A new community is formed

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