Easy way to get job in Google

Many computer science students ( B.Tech, Masters or Ph.D) dream of going to work for Google. Few friends I know whhave already interviewed for google and are going to join google in short time in both bangalore and hyderabad. But I am amazed at how much amount of time google spends in interviewing them. They have more than 10 interviews , and take 100+ days to reject or select someone. That sounds very ridiculous to me.  Easier way I think these days would be is to create a startup(web 2.0 probably) and get bought by google :D. The most recent example to cite to illustrate the point is that of Ori Allon from Australia university. This 26 year old spent 6 months developing a software which is now been bought by google and Ori Allon is a Google employee. 🙂


  1. Prashant says:

    i am counting on that . 🙂

  2. mindwarrior says:

    “easy way” you said?!

  3. Rajan says:

    Yes of course !! This is lot easier than giving 15 + interviews spread over the period of 3 months and in all that time is being spent to prove something instead of create something.

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