My talk on barcamp

    My talk on "Economics of web 2.0" went quite alright. I knew I had a crass title but for what I was going to speak of I could not think of a better title. 

     I was little concerned that I probably did not gel well with the audience as I was bringing in alien(or atleast a percieved as one in tech geek community) topic to an audince of geeks who crank code & nothing. Also a  couple of friends suggested that the prez was good but some of the stuff of was OHT(Over Head Transmission). Definitely one thing I realized was that I should have never used the FT analogy for explaining a simple idea that a perspetive(or rather a shift of it) is of such a high importance. Guess I geeked out a little too much there 🙂

      But if what kunal had documented is what I  have got across the table then I think I have done a decent good job of a presentation 🙂 I have uploaded the ppt slides here in the barcamp site.


  1. stardotstar says:

    It went to geeky levels sometms but made sense to us 🙂

  2. Rakesh says:

    It was a great presentation and yeah it was slightly geeky but thats what barcamp audience were supposed to be.
    Will love to know about that n^2 to 2^n jump once again. Could you explain that theory/observation in one of your posts sometime.

  3. sudhakar says:

    Nice post rajan, very open indeed :-). I tried to differ you on one point but we could not discuss it further due to lack of time. That is “User Attention Vs Information” I feel web 2.0 is certainly concentrating on attention towards users..but on information too. I feel, there is a ratio of share between them…and i would rather call “attention to user” as “Choice by Users”.

    wikipedia and are classic examples of web 2.0 revolutions in “choice of users” and “information” categories. Both of them demonstrate a clear ratio of the above attributes in mix.

  4. Rajan says:

    Hi Rakesh ,

    I would do a post sometime explaining in detail. Btw check out this old post which talks about a few of this stuff.

    Attention & Information management are the terminologies I am using are for provider’s PoV. From the user PoV the attention would be called as you pointed “his choices”.

    I was just trying to say that information & attention are two different sides of the same coin.


  5. Patang says:

    Dude, I feel so bad. You mentioned me in your talk and the goddamn carpool site isn’t even working. My server crashed and something mucked up the databases. If you’d given me a liiiitle bit of a heads up I could have got it up and running in time for your talk. ah well….c’est la vie.

    I’m travelling but will be back this weekend. It hopefully won’t take too long to fix. Will let you know when its done.


  6. Rajan says:

    Yeah I could have used a mail to give you a heads up, that somehow did not cross my head. I had checked it a day before the talk and it was down , browsed through your blog but I could not get any much detail. So thought this would be a temporary problem which would get fixed soon.

    Not mentioning it in my talks because it is down was not an option because it was too important as an example.

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