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Barcamp Hyderabad turned out fantastatically and it was a great success. We had about 200+ registered in the wiki and about 180 turned up. Just a day before i.e. on friday about 50 people had registered in the barcamp wiki. Nice illustration of power law at work – ain't it πŸ˜€ We had expected that only about 75 people would turn up and the number could probably go up to 100 but 180 people turning up was phenomenal !! Phew !! . One of the other striking & interesting that I noted was that there was lot females who attended (it would have been even more nice if they had participated more, fielded questions etc). Till just before a few days ago there were very few gals who registered themselves in the wiki All I could see I was chaitanya's name (which she had put after after I literally hounded her πŸ™‚ ) and then a few more. It was nice surprise to see a lot of members of the opposite sex taking interest in discussing talk of web 2.0 :D. I would say there were clearly about 30+ gals. Great that so many turned out and would love to see any one doing a Tara over here πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

I am too tired to write a whole lot about the barcamp right now & will post them a while later.  I had infact wanted to live blog but since I was helping coordinate the speakers to get their ppts & demos running I could'nt. Sumeet & Sanyam were doing live blogging and it is cool and you can go check them out. In this post I want to give shout to all the folks who helped coordinate to put up a great show at barcamp.

Ramesh – He is been extremely passionate about the barcamp since we ever discussed it first and had been spearheading in getting many of the sponsors onboard. Btw one has to be careful while standing next to him as his energy is infectious πŸ˜€

Kopos effortlessly managed all of the infra related setup.

Rajat has been very instrumental in popularizing & taking barcamps to places where blogs don't go – yes even in the web 2.0 world that we live in there are still pockets where blogs don't reach :D. Also he took care for arranging dinner and snacks.

Smr, the sysadmin & networking whiz just swished swashed all network related setup & sysadmin related issues.

Tarun along with smr worked hard on getting the video link up with chennai. We tried a lot but to due to flaky connections ( I don't know whether it was at our end or chennai end) we kept getting disconnected so had to drop the video idea and decided to go ahead with audio but then in the end even that did not pan out πŸ™

Chandru – Designed the wonderful poster and the ultra cool banner. (could not meet him though at barcamp πŸ™ )

Ripul – Helped out in setting up the wifi & getting up with video.

Arunabh helped us to get the video installed and help shoot the videos of the session.

Guys it was really an awesome job that each of us did to put up a great show. !!! Ofcourse I should not forget the 180+ people who turned out for the event also all of our sponsors πŸ˜€  Thanks to all of you guys 

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  1. Amit Ranjan says:

    Hi Rajan,

    Congratulations for making HyderabadBarcamp the success that it was…also thanks for your taking the initiative to organize it in Hyd.

    The number of attendees at Hyd would probably make it the higest turnout Barcamp till now…thats terrific….

    I was at the Chennai event and was looking forward to the hookup betweeb the two locations but unfortunately it didn’t materialise…anyway I may land up in bangalore as well (not sure ) …would love to meet you in case you are there.


    amit ranjan

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