Bourgeois in arms

      Madhu, Raji  & myself used to discuss and debate over coffee & lunch breaks at my previous organization on whether IT workers should form unions. I used to argue that IT workers incentives are way too differently aligned for them to form a collective body to address their common issues [One big issue that used to discussed in those context was over ergonomics & general health issues: un-ergonomical chairs, sedantary habits, Repetitive strain injury etc]. I used to sum up in the end that it was not a topic I thought that made a lot of sense for discussion in IT professionals context. [ Please don't bring in  to the argument Open Source community, they don't need unions anyway]

   Today morning when I read Peter Rip scream UNIONIZE, I literally fell of my chair :D. A VC wanting to form a union to protest/protect in a socialist way the way they used to make money in the free market economy. Is'nt this the last set of people on earth that one would want to see form unions :D. Are'nt the VC's the epitome of the success of what we call the capitalist economy.  

 Oh Boy this blowing of conches makes one thing pretty clear. There is an inflection looming/upon (albeit a huge one) the VC landscape. Btw don't make the classic mistake of thinking that this is event is causal in nature , it is rather a symptom. So what is the cause then, web 2.0 is ofcourse of one of them. This is classic schumpter at work and that is what makes technology sooo interesting. IMHO it is better the bridge the newly created gaps in the VC industry and embrace the change than to rise up in arms đŸ˜€ 

    Fred, Feld, Cowan, Ed, Burnham, Brad, Anand, Alok, Sanjay,    … and all other VC's out there would like to know what you guys think. 

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