Brilliant Tara and Pinko Marketing

   I have always been a big fan of Tara's blog but her posts over the past few days have been just incredible. As many in the blogosphere are saying that if you do anything related to marketing (on the web especially) then drop everything and read what Tara has to say.    Her thoughts starts with cluetrain which was also one of my aha moments when I read it but I read it very late because when it was released I was still learning how to add 1+1=10.

  She understands the inflections that is happening in marketing and has been doing an incredible job articulating it. Actually there are some 2.0 inflections happening in many spaces these days and it happens only at few point of time in years & decades. Marketing 2.0 is one of those. To me Marketing 2.0 is basically a corollary of Production 2.0. Read Benkler and Umair to know further what I mean by Production 2.0.  What I love about Tara's work is that she comes from a very practical approach. Umair talks about Production 2.0 and its related changes of Corporation 2.0 & Marketing 2.0 etc through intuitive models and economics concepts but Tara has sort of understood these changes intuitively, field tested some of these new ideas and is trying to articulate them now. Since I have'nt been a marketer (no practical experience) so I can't express it the way Tara does but here is how I get it. "Peer production is new form of production other than market & firms." Internet has fundamentally altered the economics of many things and blown some assumptions that we have used in building  theories/models of things around us. In simple words markets are not the only form of value creation, networks and community as well are.

     Now what costitutes marketing. Loosely Marketing consists of activities in furthering the function of a market. A market is an abstraction and it generally represents the construct of an environment which enables an exchange (transaction). Most of all the marketing theory or ideas that have been built starting from 4P's to all the crap that has been doled out so far is based on fundamental assumption of a dichotomy i.e buyer/seller.  Peer production hits hards on this assumption and renders it a useless dichotomy. Thus we are left with old notions,ideas and practices whose assumption are fundamentally wrong. In other words current theories are true through Logic determination but are wrong through Factual determintation. Thus Marketing 2.0 is nothing short of a episetomological question now and tara is trying to find an answer through a true 2.0 style (Wiki).

Btw those who are trying to take her to task for her post on marx take it easy all she was saying that in some spheres (which has been seen in Open Source) use value is discounted at exchange value. It is not evil aspects of Marxism. (Again Umair has fantastic explanation on this one).

   I am not well equipped to do an analysis but I would love to read someone who does this and finds out what is going to be key competence in production 2.0. Marketing was the key competence in production 1.0 but I have a strong feeling that it might not be the case in the case in 2.0 and thus over a long period of time marketing as a profession might not be as lucrative as it is in today's world.

      I am looking foward to Barcamp Bangalore where Tara (why not hang out in Barcamp Hyderabad as well :)) is going to be talking on Pinko Marketing.

Tara : Sorry I have not been able to write the post that I promised you a few months ago on Riya(due to time constraint and it was a blink decision :)) but with your pinko marketing maybe I will write one 🙂


  1. I’m blushing. What a fantastically awesome review! 😉

    I wish we could do a whole month-long BarCamp in India tour. Chris (Messina) ( will be arriving on the 17th of April and leaving on the 23rd late in the evening. We have to check out our time there to see where all we can get to!

    Looking forward to meeting you, Rajan.


  2. rajan says:

    Looking forward to see you both 🙂


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