Hyderabad vs Bangalore

This seems to be the hot topic for discussion everywhere these days – TV, print media, board rooms of MNCs, lunch tables in IT companies, blogs – just about everywhere. Semi-conductor fab plant setup and the visit of President Bush’s happening in hyderabad instead of bangalore this chatter has accentuated to a whole new level.
Few days ago Rajat & myself took an auto from Forum to go to Sankey Road and while we were in the auto one of us uttered hyderabad the auto-rickshaw driver got excited to hear that. Apparently he was from hyderabad and had come to bangalore about 2 months ago, he started telling us about the vast differences between hyderabad and bangalore – how the roads are congested, air is polluted etc. Earlier while we were inside Forum riding down the stair elevator two lads (Hyderbadi’s probably working in bangalore in some IT company) behind us were chatting “yaar hyderabad hi mast hai, yahan itna dam nahi hai” (translated to English it means “Hyderabad is better , here it is not so good”)

With so much chatter around this I thought I would write my perspectives (technology & startups) on this as both these places are most interest to me. I am in Bangalore after an effort of few years. I was’nt be going to be in silicon valley to experience the technology culture which I always wanted to, I thought I could be in bangalore instead.So now my home is in bangalore.    After having come here there is no ounce of doubt in my mind that this is place with startup culture. Among all the IT cities in India Bangalore ranks number #1 as a technology hub. I can’t (don’t have the data) and won’t include the IT services/export that these IT cities make which might yield a different result but my focus here is pure technology companies – software products, semi-conductors, hardware etc, not just support and maintaineance.

Having said that I am in hyderabad for work as bangalore has become way too expensive for young companies to grow up. Interestingly I’ve heard of many others move from bangalore to hyderabad because of its cost & its infrastructure problems. I must say though hyderabad which once used to a very cheap city has become costly, rents have doubled but I guess overall even after the increase it is still probably cheaper than bangalore.

One most admirable thing about hyderabad now is that it’s infrastructure has improved by order of magnitudes. Except for some pockets driving in hyderabad is an absolute pleasure especially in the IT concentrated areas( viz Hitech City etc).
Startups mushroom around great universities just like civilization originate around shores of a river. Thus key reason for the higher number of startups in bangalore is because it has a world class technical institution ( IISc & now emerging IIIT-B) and a truly excellent IIM-B. Relatively recently hyderabad has made place for ISB & IIIT-H ( they relatively new but they steadily making mark for themselves). With key drivers being replicated in hyderabad now the other parameters becomes important to draw comparsion. For ex infrastructure (government support etc) and bangalore has not been able to show a good report card on it while Hyderabad has been a lot better.

Acquiring talent has become a very expensive affair in bangalore, I heard some calculations from friend who said that given the current salary increases happening in bangalore in a few years there will be no price arbitrage between a US and a bangalore engineer.  Hyderabad is relatively not as expensive as bangalore for talent.
Social capital: Bangalore has the highest number of succesful entreprenuer with quite some of them playing active role in creating an entreprenuerial eco-system. An indicator of that is extremely active TiE bangalore chapter. Delhi, hyderabad or any other chapter come nowhere close to what TiE bangalore has been doing. Hyderabad is very weak in these aspects ( atleast TiE Hyd chapter is/appears dormant) and I am hoping that some of this will change in the coming few months.

Another important criteria is the weather and on this aspect bangalore is an undoubted winner ( this is the best reason I love bangalore than any other city), it is a breeze to live in this city all around the year. There is no hot summer niether a cold winter, there is rain which is fun unless ofcourse the rain god is angry and takes  his/er fury out against people. Hyderabad  has a very bad summer and I get my skin burnt quite a lot over there.

There are both merits & demerits of both the places and one can go on to make a vast list for comparsion. Instead of arguing between them endlessly I choose to leverage best of both of them. As of last two months I work in hyderabad but my home is still in bangalore. Thus I leverage the benefits of upcoming hyderabad and also benefit from the capital (advisory, social etc) built over time in bangalore 😀


  1. ShArK says:

    You did not give any conclusive statement on which city is better….how very diplomatic of you. And plz plz plz don’t compare iiit-b with iiit hyderabad. IIIT rocks 😀

  2. Rajan says:

    I like it both in different aspects, there is no diplomacy 🙂 Btw I was thinking of writing one
    post comparing IIIT-B and IIIT-H where again I have simillar kind of feelings but slightly in a reverse context. Here I am emotionally attached to H but like aspects abt B , a reverse of the previous case. May or may not write it as it could incite a flame war 🙂


  3. Rajesh says:

    I am from Nandyal (A.P.). I lived in both cities (now in Bangalore). Bangalore is slowly losing its glory not only in software field, but also in climate, tourism etc. Now-a-days, the weather is so hot even in Bangalore (even it was cool in last summer). Most of the major companies are expanding operations in Hyderabad and other cities.

    One big difference between Hyderabad and Bangalore in terms of infrastructure is: in Bangalore, if a particular road is congested due to heavy traffic jams, it is made into a one-way, which causes a lot of problems for the commuters; whereas for the same problem, roads are widened in Hyderabad. When compared to earlier years, Hyderabad’s growth is really commendable, thanks to the pro-active govts. Bangalore can bask on yesterday’s glory only, not on today’s activities. One can have beautiful evenings in Hyderabd (in and around Tank Bund, Necklace Road etc. in Hyd). There are no such places in Bangalore.

    However, Hyderabad’s constant growth will be as as long as it is the capital of A.P. If seperate Telangana state comes and if Hyderabad is divided from Andhra (coastal) and Rayalaseema regions, it will lose its charm and growth may be halted or slowed down.

    1. Ramprasad says:

      yes Mee mata nijam sir, but Hydarabadni The greate Bengaloreki compaire cheyoddu, Bengalore is Sachin, Hydarabad is Sehvag
      Bengalore is in form, Hyadabad Uot form, Bengalore is the Capital of Vishaka Karnataka State, and Hydarabad is now in AP but future compulsary ????? Thelangana or ??? Picholla Samrajyam.
      How to campaire to Hydarabad and Bengalore, Jai Karnataka

  4. Rajan says:

    You are right if hyderabad becomes a part of Telangana then this equation will change very drastically. Real estate prices will plummet down and IT companies will be wary to come up here. This is a major but unlikely political risk.


    1. Ramprasad says:

      yes Mee mata nijam sir, but Hydarabadni The greate Bengaloreki compaire cheyoddu, Bengalore is Sachin, Hydarabad is Sehvag
      Bengalore is in form, Hyadabad Uot form, Bengalore is the Capital of Vishaka Karnataka State, and Hydarabad is now in AP but future compulsary ????? Thelangana or ??? Picholla Samrajyam.
      How to campaire to Hydarabad and Bengalore, Jai Karnataka

  5. srihari says:

    i think u r right Rajan , Hyderabad may not be as sophiscated as bangalore but sa a city & place to live in it’s much better , The roads, infrastructural facilites are far better than bangalore.

  6. Rajesh says:

    Hi Rajan,

    Thanks for initiating this topic. As I wanted to elaborate more on seperate Telangana issue (which deviates from the present topic), I have started it in http://anilrkg.wordpress.com/. Please do visit it and if you are interested, you can give your valuable comments.


  7. Anjana says:

    and one more good thing about Hyderabad is it has started expanding these days and is no more restricted just to the twin cities. So this elimates the chances of congestion in future as well. ( I hope this continues). And personally i feel this may help Hyderabad even if telangana risk comes up. But this did not happen in Banglore unfortunately. And few years back Banglore weather was much much better than what it is now. But with increase in population, polution and also reduction in greenary weather is also not as pleasant as it was in earlier these days in Banglore…

    And one more thing good about Hyderabad for all these years was the low cost of living. But somehow i am feeling now things are getting hyped up:( and even the cost of living might become like banglore. I hope this doesn’t go too far:(

  8. Rajan says:

    About cost of living you are very right !! The cost of living is getting hyped up here and hope it does not go too far.

  9. ABC says:

    I’ve been workign in Hyd for more than 5 years now.
    Have heard a lot about cost of living being higher in Blr; other than the rent part, how is cost of living higher in Blr? As for real estate prices, prime areas in Hyd cost as much as, if not more, those in Blr. By the way, any comparisons on children’s schooling between Blr & Hyd? Also, is water a luxury in Blr, as it is in most parts of Hyd?

  10. Atul says:

    Found this article interesting, thought to share with you!!!

    1. Rahul says:

      An outdated post indeed!

  11. Suri says:

    I am from Bangalore but now working in Hyderabad since 8 months. I feel Hyderabad is becoming Bangalore!!! Yes, true, in another 2 years Hyderabad will be another Banglore with lot of Traffic Jams, Higher living costs and more & more people from other states!!!!

    Whatever comparison happens at the end, this city is also gonna be another chaotic city, unless our beloved / corrupted politicians stop making / shouting out their plans and work something better for proper infrastructure development of this city.

    I am damn sure, these fly-overs & broadening of roads help very less and are never going to make big impact unless the infrastructure in all aspects are taken care!!!

    Hey Hyderabadis wake up and make this city shine..!!!!

  12. rajan says:

    I agree , slowly hyderabad is becoming like bangalore, almost a lot has already happened, most critical of all that has happened is the real estate price which has just zoomed to the sky.


  13. Braja says:

    I have been living in the USA for the past 11 years and would be returning to India in the first week of Jan 2007. Getting acclamatized to the weather is the main reason for choosing a Jan return. We are targeting Bangalore or Hyderabad with no particular preference. My wife is in biotech and I am in IT. So, both cities are professionally congenial for us.

    I have done my B.Tech from REC, Warangal and hence know the Hyderabadi summers. I noted points from this discussion thread that the weather is extreme in Hyd compared to Blr. However, I wanted to know how extreme is it and how much of a difference does it make if you live in AC environments at home, work and commute (assuming your combined family income will help pay for AC bills).

    Also, my friends and colleagues tell me, just as mentioned on this thread, that there are more jobs in Blr than Hyd. What factor or multiple are we looking at? This is of particular interest because if I don’t like the first job I should have ample options to move on. Who are the major IT and biotech employers?

    In general I think real estate is about 20 lakhs cheaper in Hyd than in Blr on comparing apples to apples. Could you folks suggest good places to live in. We would prefer flats as opposed to single houses. Who are the well reputed builders in the city?

    How is schooling in both cities?

    Please give a well though of suggestion and honest feedback about which might be the better place to start off in India returning from USA after 11 years – Blr or Hyd.


    Would appreciate your responses.

  14. abcd says:

    hi rajan today hyderabad real estate market also is rapidly change the reason is comparitive bangalore and other cities . Here infra structure is good and also recently infosys,wipro and also most all cmm level 5 company interested to invest in hyderabad.

    so, hyderabad is potential market for real estate business


  15. ravi says:


    hyderabad is potential market for real estate. visit:http://www.cherukurijanmabhoomi.blogspot.com

  16. Prabhu Barathi says:

    the link pasted by Mr.Atul is 3yrs old. I have lived in chennai and pune. and now living in Hyd. I only heard of Blore`s pathetic living situation. So I hasitated to move my destination there. Now I`m in hyderabad. And Hyderabad is also moving towards the same path of Blore. The main factor of cost of living in Hyderabad is the cost of living. In and around the Hitech city rents comes for 10K for a 2BHK house which wont be more than 450sqft. The autorickshaw rates once cheapest have become costly. in Some areas they even dont use meters.

  17. Venu says:

    Hi Rajan,

    I have seen a lot of times people arguing weather in Bangalore is better than Hyderabad. Funny because I have lived in both the places Hyd may be a hotter but it is not humid as Bangalore. I prefer dry wather than anything else. And I have personally come across a lot of people complaining about humid weather because you are sticky all the time. I remember a friend visiting from Chennai complaining about humidity in Bangalore. lol.



  18. ISN says:


    Can you post your blog on this website http://www.indianstudentsnetwork.com


  19. Yousif says:

    Guys… this is nice to hear from you all; an agree with everyone.. Am from Bangalore since onc year am in Dubai.. and I really miss Bangalore a lot and sure hyd. couz I have many friends over there. Believe me I dont mind if big or small IT and other companies move out of Bangalore; I remember before 1992 hows Bangalore. In just 15years; it has totally changed; and surly lost its glory. What do you expect if population of the city doubled in just 15years without any infrastructure development? I don’t blame people from other state and cities; its inconsistency in local govt. They still not realized the true potential from the growth; rather whole world knows what Bangalore upto is!!!!! It hurts… to know the truth… I wish I see the old Bangalore!!:(

  20. sk says:

    Hey, I am interested to know the living cost of Pune and Hyderabad….is it worth, shifting to Hyderabad from Pune..

    well, basically I am Andhrite, but since 40+ years, my family is in Maharashtra…

    I am in IT, so what do you feel, about Pune vs Hyderabad…..

  21. sk says:

    Hey, I am interested to know the living cost of Pune and Hyderabad….is it worth, shifting to Hyderabad from Pune..

    well, basically I am Andhrite, but since 40+ years, my family is in Maharashtra…

    I am in IT, so what do you feel, about Pune vs Hyderabad…..

    Thanks in advance

  22. I find bangalore better than hyderabad, i can prove my point,
    firstly everyone talks about bangalore and hyderabad traffic situation… bangalore has a traffic twice of Hyderabad..
    secondly some people says thats very convinient to move from this place to dat, that is only in non peak hours….,

    Lets compare two areas, Himayatnagar of HYD and Kormangla of BNG

    u try to catch an auto in himayatnagar, and move towards koti, firstly u will not get an auto even if u shell out extra bucks, and u have wait atleast for30- 45 mins.. and if u got one, then theirs traffic jam, which moves at snail pace, bangalore moves faster in snail pace…

    try go from AP Secertrait to hyderabad Central.. via necklace road bridge.. we will cum to know which is better.. BANG OR BAD..

    And what abt roads, atleast bangalore has roads,,.. here u dont find one, just try to go from Himayatnagar to Secunderabad via Ashok nagar.. U will feel the difference..

    i have been here for 60 days,, now..

    their is no vegetable market in each area as in bangalore,, the prices are three times more if u take vegetable in ur area then going to market…

    n wat abt power,, in bangalore it is informed, prior, in BAD they cut when ever they like for hours, on an average 90 mins every day..

    now wat abt public transportation its pain in ur BUTTS

    even thou im bangalorean i’m settling in hyderabad..

    i wish it dosnt follow mumbai way

    1. Rajesh says:

      Hey Sourab,

      If Bang is better than Bad in your language…. Then why do u wanna settle down in hyderabad????? ROFL……..

  23. sk says:

    thats the nice comparision about the overall city based, but as compared to IT sector, I do agree that B’lore may have a good opportunities.

    But as I am in Pune, I wanted to understand the situation of Pune VS Hyderabad….

    Well, as far as I understand, Hyderabad is a big city and with a good infro….may some are exceptions but overall I guess Hyd is good. If you compare living cost of B’lore and Pune with Hyd, I think, Hyd is still little cheap….just to give you some examples…

    Pune – Movies – Minimum cost Rs. 80+ in weekends – 120.00 +
    – Rental Home – Rs. 6,000.00 + for 2 BHK no matter in which area you are.
    – Property – Rs. 2000.00 per sq. feet, no matter in which area you are looking for.
    – Roads – Worst
    – Rly. Station – Worst I have ever seen
    – IT – Good companies but all are having offices in Hyd too
    – Weather – Good climate
    – Veg. Market – Somewhere in Market yard, but ppl can not come here from all the places and in other areas, rates as higher.
    – Iron – Rs. 2.50 per cloth
    – Petrol – Highest in India

    I willing to know, about Hyd in these terms. I think, in Hyderabad, we have a compromise factor as if we go little far, we can get a rental home cheaper….

    If anyone can provide me these details, it would be really a great help.

    Your opinions/feedback/suggestions….are welcome


  24. Hi,
    For a man to live in a city, what do u need?

    Currently I am back to chennai, I am native of AP, lived and studied in bangalore for 10 years, earlier 1 year I stayed in Chennai, becoz of job , came back to chennai from bangalore.

    I can compare all the cities in south chennai, hyd, bangalore.

    Food, Transportation, Jobs, Education, atmosphere.
    Bangalore is lot better than any other city. Because, 1) weather, if weather is increasing hotter in Bangalore at the equal times , the hot weather will increase in any other city, if you compare , Bangalore will be best.
    2)Food – lot of darshinies(fastfoods) with min price and lot of varities are available
    from chinse to udipi and north indian. you have lot of andhra style hotels, lot of northindian style hotels, and also like pizza corners are available.
    depends on your budget.
    like you want to eat 20 rupee meal, go to darshini-standing
    25, darshini-sitting, 30 – darshini – a/c, 35-andhra style, 40-north style, 50-100 – pizza corner.. etc..

    dou have such varities in Hyd or chennai? no darshini or fast foods are there.

    tefines lot of varities are available in darshini hotes around bangalore.
    3)Transport BMTC/KSRTC / APSRTC/Autos/Taxis/Rail/Airports
    BMTC, good busses, covers lot of routes, price also moderate, not less or not high
    have volvo busses for IT people, good KSRTC busses, it covers entire karnataka, service is good and fast, covers lot of cities, from chennai to mumbai togoa.
    have volvo busses, covers remote villages in other states like AP’s my native town punganur, from punganur to bangalore there are no of KSRTC busses, but only one APS RTC bus cover punganur and bangalore.
    And there are no Tamil nadu busses covers like that…

    Autos have meter, digital meter have good and acurate reading, change will be given as per meter, night 1 1/2 after 10pm and before 6am they will charge, prepaid autos are there near to airport and busstand and railwaystation. what else u need.?

    But petrol is costly than chennai or hyderabad, but still, auto charges are moderate.
    6rupees per kilometer they will charge(55 rupees /liter – petrol rate as of now)in bangalore, where as in chennai 51 rupees, hyderabad 53 rupees. but autos are worest.

    4)Colleges- IISe to IIIT, IIM to Normal enginering colleges, schools from chap to better and best schools are available in bangalore.

    5)People – people are cosmo .. lot of outer state people live in bangalore almost 80% are outsiders, so there is multy culture.

    6)Housing/Realestate – its colstly, but if you compare to the service, water connection , seperate meter for electricity, parking, painting to house, neatness, if you compare no other city will give like this like Bangalore.

    Lotof hopcomms in very area will get fresh vegitables , not like other cities.
    Lot of shops cell fresh milk from nandini, AP based milk products like heritage and lot of competition with others also ..

    Lot of news papers are published , times , economictimes, deccan herald, hindu, express etc english
    Lot of telugu, tamil, kannada movies are comgin to all the theaters, and Multiplex theaters are tehre, hindi movies, english are also shown , no other city have that multi-language culture like bangalore, in chennai, no kannada movie shown, as there are lot of kannadigas are there,very few telugu, or hindi comes here.

    Think how can other states people come to chennai or hyd? to enjoy? or live.

    Lot of multyplex theaters , normal theaters are coming with moderate rate tickets.

    Bigbazzar, forums, pvr cinema, innovative, innox , .. lot more.. are coming.

    8)Water/Air/ – pure cavery water available every where 90% of the city, and portable drinking water is also available.

    9)Jobs – Industries/Factories/Public sector
    from BEL to BHEL , from HAL to NAL , lot of public sector units are there
    Lot of shopping , business centers are there
    service industries, service appartmetns to PG (paying guest acco..) avaialbe,
    from electronic cities to penya industrial area (mechnical indus_ ) hosur road famus for textail industries.,.. IT is default in bangalore..
    what else u need..? lot of banks, other private business offices are tehre.

    10)Area cover- bangalore is a small city, covers only 30-40 kms from one end to another end max upto now, but it is growing.

    I have to explain a lot…. but Bangalore is the best..!!!!!

  25. rajan says:

    Gosh !! I never thought that my post would get so much interest & comments. Thanks for all the comments.

  26. Anil says:

    This is Anil am from Hyderabad now staying in bangalore
    Bangalore is better than Hyderabad when compared to weather.
    If at all we talk regarding culture Hyderabad is far better than Bangalore.We find lot of traditions.Now a days bangalore has become too much advanced we find gals smoking on the roads which is not a good sign.

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  28. Piash says:

    I`m from BANGLADESH, planning to VISIT Hyderabad next month (may be first week of November). From this forum I can guess that Hydbd is far better than Dhaka. As this is my first visit to Hedbd and 2nd visit to India I`m expecting your tips and guidlines.


  29. Mahendra says:

    Hi, This is Mahendra from hyderabad working in Bahrain.

    I have been watching and suring net in developments across country and got feedback that Hyderabad is rocking and gona overtake blr soon. When you compare hyd with major cities the cost of living is very low and good.

    There are some areas where rents are high and that is due to if you want to avoid traffic to go office.

    Folks I’m constructing 4 portions double bedrooms individual house near to hightech city with car parking and garden. The construction will start in mid of dec 2006 and expect to be completed by Apr-may 2007. if you are intrested or any of ur friends.. you can book.. The quality of the house will be excellent with good interior decorations and quality look.

    If you interested to take then pls email me at k_m_nath@yahoo.com

    remember this is not a appartment and you will have the indivial house for rent with homely garden and car park.

    Pls shoot all your queires or interested to my email id.

    With Best Regards

  30. Raghu says:

    I lived in Hyd for over a decade and moved to BLR 2 years ago. I am a Telugu.
    All the talk of Hyderabad growing so fast to over take BLR is just plain BS.

    Cost of living in Hyd is going up – of course that’s not a concern for me since I own a house there.

    I like green environs with no water problems. Hyderabad doesn’t provide this.

    If people talk about great infra in Hyd, ask them about the water supply.

    All water sources of AP flow through Karnataka and Maha.. and in the future AP will be short of water, ‘coz anytime these states can switch off the taps.

    In BLR I do not foresee any water woes in the near future..

    In Hyd, it may be okay not to have water since 34% of population anyway doesn’t bother about having bath 🙂

    Coming to jobs – for every 1 job craeted in Hyd 10 jobs are created in BLR.

    Culture – When I visit Hyd it feels exactly the same way I felt when I travelled to Vijayawada from Hyderabad. It is still some large village culture with rude auto guys
    (of course bangalore auto guys are also changing 🙁

    Language: My parents can’t speak Hindi and they are cheated daily in Hyd by auto drivers etc. in Hyd. In BLR, they do not hesitate to talk to the auto guys in Telugu, atleast these guys try to understand.. soooooooo nice 🙂

    Law and Order situation: Bangalore is several times better.

    Last Word:

    The CM (YSR) of AP himself doesn’t believe in the future of Hyderabad that’s why his family heavily invests in Karnataka (it seems some 80% of their businesses are in Karnataka!!)

    I thought I better follow the intelligent people so I am following AP politicians and am investing in BLR 🙂

  31. avinash says:

    My name is Avinash and I am a student in Hyderabad. I think Hyderabad is going to have better devolepment in the future. Hyderabad, according to me will definitely be a union territory if telangana state gets divided so I don’t think the division will have any impact on the city. Hyderabadis are more attached to their city than Bangalorians this is definitely going to give more publicity to the city. The city is slowly building a brand for itself……………………………………………………….

  32. Kiran Eddula says:

    The last decade has seen Hyderabad change beyond imagination. In the past few years, under the able leadership of visionary leaders, Hyderabad has transformed from a sleepy city to a highly developed metro. Growth has been not just in terms of area but also infrastructure and investments.
    Hyderabad, I would say, scores over other cities in terms of low cost of living, climate, easy accessibility, infrastructure and friendly government policies. In fact, Hyderabad is definitely one of the most investor friendly cities today. The presence of BPOs, MNCs, software companies like Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys, Satyam etc is proof of that. In fact, the Fab City project bagged by Hyderabad is a first of sorts, not just for Hyderabad but also for India, in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

    The Andhra Pradesh government has been quite cooperative when it comes to the infrastructure and development projects of the city. In the last five years there has been commendable change and indeed for the better. Road widening, green areas, parks, metro rail, shopping malls, International Standard Convention Centre are all encouraging developments.

    The city outskirts turning into prime areas show the pace of Hyderabad’s development. Hyderabad has its own unique identity. Apart from its rich heritage and culture, it is also an entertainment hub. Hyderabad is home to Tollywood, the Telugu film industry, which produces the maximum number of films in the country. Multiplexes, theme parks and shopping malls have sprung up in plenty. Richard Gere made use of the potential of Tollywood in his ‘Heroes Project’ programme on AIDS. The city also offers world-class medical care facilities.

    Hyderabad has also been played host to many events in the recent past like the Afro-Asian Games and the Children’s Film Festival, not to forget visits by various dignitaries like Bill Gates, the President of Singapore and of course US President George W Bush. However, with the rapid growth of Hyderabad comes a host of problems including pressures on the city’s infrastructure. A day’s rain is all it needs to flood the roads in the city, reflecting the urgent need to look at the maintenance of the drainage system. Manholes make things worse, turning into death traps during the rains. The increasing population has also meant an increase in vehicles, translating into pollution and traffic congestion. Providing better, improved infrastructure will thus be a vital test that will face Hyderabad in its run to becoming a world-class city.

  33. Dinesh B says:

    Hi Guys,

    All your comments have been so good. If we see the overall picture, both the cities are doing their best to be # 1. I am from Bangalore. I have moved to Hyd recently, believe me the confort level that I found in Bangalore when I was searching for a job there, is not at all seen in Hyd.

    When we are searching for a job that is the time we get to explore the cities. In Hyd even with a job in hand moving here was so difficult because the warmth and the co-operation that you get in BLR is definitely not found in Hyd.

    Even the people who manage the cyber cafe have some respect for their customers, but here the customers are the most ill treated, it is as if they are doing a favour to us by opening a shop and we purchase things there. This is not what a person from a different state would expect.

    People are so irresponsive, you can stand there in the shop for hours and no is bothered to ask what we are looking for. C’mon it is just a simple gesture of helpfulness.

    Real estate prices, my god these have sky rocketed as soon as the IT companies announced their move. There is some timeframe in which it can increase. No doubt the real estate is costly in BLR but the prices did not increase overnight.

    You blame the people who maintain the infrastructure. Now if HYD was also bombarded with the same amount of population in the same duration even it would have succumed to pressure and given up. You cannot build a flyover in a day. So the alternate solution is obviously Oneways. If you can suggest of an alternative solution please do so. I don’t think any person would like his dream house being demolished for the road being built or flyover being constructed. Will you guys who talked about infrastructure be willing to sacrifice your houses knowing that you will not be compensated too well for that. Think about it.

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  39. Indian Guru says:

    Yeah! Both cities are growth engines for India’s economy. I have lived in both cities for many years. Both cities will have brand new international airports, ring roads and metro rail systems in the next 2 to 3 years. Bangalore is an established brand and the IT/ Biotech sector is highly matured when compared with Hyderabad. High cost of living in Blore is offset with high salaries.

    2006-07 estimated IT/ BPO exports from Karnataka $ 12bn Vs. Andhra Pradesh $ 3 bn. Hyderabad is hosting the Fab City semiconductor project, whereas Bangalore is hosting the ‘Helix’ Biotech incubator.

    It will be an interesting competition between the two cities in attracting future investments and developments. But for now, Bangalore has a clear edge, showing clear signs of becoming a megapolis with urbanization stretching upto Mysore. Hyderabad is currently competing with Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon and Kolkata.

  40. Asirvad says:

    I am from Hyderabad, living in bangalore for an year and have been to chennai for 2 months in between. One thing I can say is that I miss Hyderabad. The food, culture, good people, evenings, relationships nothing you find in banagalore excepth good people. I like people here, they are very helpful. But when you talk about food and evening life, do not even dare to comapare compare bangalore to hyderabad. Hyderabad still rocks. I do agree Bangalore is still head over shoulders to Hyderabad interms of IT, but look at the other aspects like traditions and sentiments. In support of Bangalore, I also like the open culture in bangalore.

    If you plan one place per every weekend in hyderabad, you can spend atleast six months without repeating visiting to the same place again. Bangalore? Brigade road every saturday, forum every sunday, occassionally Mysore trip. (Just for a tickler, recently one of my friend was comparing ulsoor lake to Hussain sagar).

    So far my experience with both the cities is good, but the third city I have visited ‘GOD, No comments’ 🙂

  41. Pradeep says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am from Hyderabad Currently in Banglaore from past 5 Years.
    To retain the charms of the Great Hyderabad City in future as well, WE THE YOUTH SHOULD NOT ENCOURAGE the supporters of seperate Telangana state. Only Selfish policiticans will be benfited with the seperate telangana state. itz our Duty to educate this to as many people as we can in the rural area population as well.
    REJECT TRS PARTY and save SMAIKHYA ANDHRA PRADESH. KCR & other TRS leaders are like RAHU and KETU to the ANDHRA PRADESH STATE. Save AP from these …….politicians.

  42. Sharath says:


    This is quite an interesting discussion.

    As seeing is believing, both these cities are unique and are infact complementary to each other.

    Software industry and revenue of Bangalore can’t be compared with that of Hyd. Its more than two decades, IT has foujnd its roots in BLR. As compared to that Hyd is a novice and it saw IT boom only in last one decade which flourished due to Pro IT politicians.

    As I’ve personally witnessed both the cities, I can say that Bangalorean people or more amicable, cosmopolitan and easy going. But infrastrcuture doesn’t appeal much. In roads, traffic, other recreational facilities, cultural fests…Hyd has a clear edge over Blr.

    Site seeing wise Hyd has lot more things (for both cultural-traditional oriented people) and pep-youth. Bangaloreans tend to reach either MG rd, Brigade Rd, Forum or parks, but Hyd has lot more options. Hyd is not just Hyd anymore, Secunderabad, called a twin city to Hyd, adds much more value.

    With Internataional airport (claimed to be biggest in south asia), domestic airport, APSRTC bus station (Asia’s biggest), 3 major rlwy terminals, local buses, I dont think commutation is a problem in Hyderabad.

    Though salaries are higher in Blr, savings can be more in Hyd. No 10 months advance rent hassles, no too many one ways, and a perfect median for north and south indian cultures is making Hyd is hot destination…. But its way way to reach Blr’s well established IT market.

  43. Sourab Pincha says:

    WHich id… says HYD is cheaper n bangalore is expensive……

    simple comparison….

    Idly (2pcs) in bangalore is availabel from Rs. 3/- to 30/- unlimited sambhar…
    in hyderabad min is rs.10/- and with 1 cup sambhar, extra chargeable. i m marketing guy was thier in hyd for 6 months, my usual meals in hotels, in bangalore u get mini meals at 15/- with unlimited sambahr, and the same thing in hyd 26/- that with 1 cup sambhar, the quality of hotels in blr………..far superior than hyderabads, my company is planning to shut its office in hyd… coz cost of living, in bangalore our company gives, each employ… rs 2000/- for food, which we are satisfied with n it gives 4500/- for hyd guys, n they say they r not satisfied…

    i’m a north indian my posting was in bang for 2 yrs, then transfrd me to hyd. istayed in hyd for 6 months , n came back to bang………

    In HYD people r lazy….. company owners cme around 11.30 n go at 6 pm
    where as bangalore every boss be offff at 10.00 am, n b ther till 8…

    Buses Bangalore then thos of hyd…………….

    the best part of hyd is there is no advance for houses, 10 months rent is advnce
    but in bangalore the owners demand….

    Bangalore is ranked 4th in all city comparison… by INDIA today

    Hyderabad is no where in list

    guys, bangalore is international city…
    its recognsd by many interrrrr co….

    even pune is coming up now we have to compare PUNE VS HYD…

    1. rupavani says:

      This sourab guy has gone mad…what kinda comparison do u make? Are u insane? Hyd rocks anyday !

    2. Vasuki says:

      plz go to the rite place boss to eat food boss.. HYD IS HAPPEINING< HYD IS THE BEST

    3. anish says:

      what you blody guy are you (sourab pincha) say. you t can’t be comparison any city in india with hyderabad.
      You know “In hyderabad you experiece a feeling of joy in the heart” that is can not be expeirienced in any city in india. Hyderabad has big infrastructure than
      bangalore. Please visit hyderabad. It is beautiful feeling. Hyd has great culture with a longuage of
      urdu and telugu. If you like to see infrastructure
      then please visit lanco hills http://www.lacohills.com

  44. kiran says:

    like bangalore hyderabad doesnt have any language chauvinism.

    in bangalore only 25 % are kannadigas,rest are telugus,tamils,northies.

    in hyderabad 60 % are telugu speaking population.ofcourse you can find sizable northies speaking hindi or urdu.

    hyderabad is a headquarters for indias 2nd largest cinema industry(Tollywood).

    hyderabad is made greater,so hyderabad has become the 3 rd largest city.

    in bangalore, always there there are some tensions between kannadigas and tamils.

    in hyderabad telugus,urdu and hidnians coexist and theer is no place for chauvinism.

    hyderabad is coming up with a ring road.

    hyderabad is coming up with world class international airport,operating from 2008.

    hyderabad has always enriched the pride of telugus.hyderabad made telugus much confident.

    but bangalore has always been dominated by fanatic and problem creating tamilians.

    in hyderabad all languages are well respected .

    in hyderabad you can very well watch hindi,telugu and english movies.

    visakapatnam is also the fastest growing city of asia.

    visakapatnam is the best tourist spot in south india.

    telugus are always friendly and they always welcome people from other states.

    but in bangalore there are some kind of tensions between kannadigas and non kannadigas.

    hyderabad has better connectivity with other indian cities.

    hyderabad is also sanctioned with us consulate.

    last but not the least kannadigas are telugus are children of one mother.

    there is some unknown bond always existed between kannadigas and telugus.they enjoy same culture(ugadi) .

    kanndigas and telugus are twins of single mother.

  45. kiran says:

    kannada kasturi ~~~~~telugu thayta

  46. kiran says:

    look here by hyderabad need not be compared with bangalore.

    visakapatnam even thought geographically smaller.is one of the fastest growing city.

    vishakapatnam has a chill climate like bangalore.

    visakapatnam has a beautiful beach.

    most industralized city in east coast.

    cleanest and greenest city in south india.

    vizag emerging as a slum free city under the administration of mr. subbi rami reddy.

    visakapatnam is the best tourist destination in south india.

    good rail,bus,water,air connectivity.

    proposed international airport is vizag will boost its development.

    many IT companies like wipro,satyam etc have already started their operations.

    lovely people.

    good governance.

  47. kiran says:

    visakapatnam if made capital of andhra ,after separation of telangana .will make the city a world class one.

  48. kiran says:

    guys,some of them above supported bangalore.

    but i can say 100 times hyderabad is better than bangalore ,as in andhra pradesh there is a stable governance.

    in karanata the chief ministers keep on changing

    1st it was dharam singh,now kumaraswany.
    next the bjp is gonna share the chiefministership.

    how surely the policies of one government may change from others.
    so,this will have a negative impact on the states or the cities development.

    unstable governance is a hindrance for bangalores growth.

    so the best investment destination for many multi nationals is andhra pradesh or hyderabad

  49. mojtaba says:

    hi,my name is mojtaba from iran .i have B.A in english translation .and going to continue my M.A in hyderabad or pune or mysore.i dont know which one is better for living and studing,i mean cheaper and more safety and enough facility with qualified universities.please help me to choose between them.how much it will cost for living single for me each month .how about the tuition of university?i like to be a cheap and not more crowded and safe.this is my e-mail (yaldanight2006@yahoo.com).

  50. Bhargav says:

    Undoubtedly Hyderabad is having the best manpower in India due the inclination of the people towards technical education. Andhra produces highest number of IT/ITES grads in india..so this may have a definite edge over Bangalore where manpower is a major issue. Many national and international institutes like BITS-Pilani,IIT,Georgia tech university are setting their shops in Hyd due to the better infrastructure and manpower in addition to the prestigious institutes like ISB,IIIT,JNTU,Osmania etc…moreover 31 IT SEZ’S are sanctioned in andhra out of which 15 are coming up in Hyderabad…so hardly it may take 2-3 years for hyderabad to become Silicon plateau
    (not valley) in addition to its image as Genome Valley

  51. kiran says:

    hyderabad is a lovely city.

    like bangalore there is no fight between two language communities(kannda and tamil).

    in hyderabad people speak telugu,english,urdu,hindi etc etc.

    the telugus respect their own language and telugus try to save their language and at the same time they respect all languages.

    but in bangalore two groups of kannada and tamils clash frequently.

  52. kiran says:

    hyderabad is the pride of telugus.

    the telugu name of hyderabad is bhagyanagaram.

  53. kiran says:

    Maa Telugu Thalliki Malle Poo Dhanda.Maa Kanna Thalliki Mangalarathulu

  54. kiran says:

    i feel so kanndigas and telugus are always one. they go hand in hand.

    telugu and kannada are like sisters.

    they dont fight with each other.

    telugus like kannadigas and kannadigas like telugus.

    hyderabad and bangalore are equally famous.

    theta telugu-kannada kasturi.

  55. kiran says:

    bangalore is much cosmopoliton where kannada,indi,telugu and tamil are spoken widely even hyderabad where telugu,urdu are spoken.

    kannadigas started saving kannda in bangalore by making mandatory to write all shop and ofice signboards in kannda.

    hyderabad too should even follow this strategy to save telugu in hyderabad. like karanataka govt. andhra pradesh govt. too need to make compulsory in hyderabad to write all shop ,office names on sign boards in telugu and in the bottom in english.

    even though french and english belong to one family,if you c in paris they dont give much importance to english,the language considered to be universal.they only write all signboards in french.

    but in our cities where our languages have no relation to english.we give much priority to english.i dont say that we need to eliminate english.this is a globalised world so we compulsorly need to english,at the same time we need to preserve telugu and kannada.

    give atleast equal importance to telugu-english in hyderabad or kannada-english in bangalore

  56. Sreekanth says:

    Hi Rajan ji, can i know what is the comparision cost between Hyderabad and Bangalore. Exp: A person is earning 10000 in Hyderabad and is living a middle class life. What will be the cost for same life in Bangalore.

  57. Suresh Babu says:

    Hi all,

    There is one common thing in Hyderabad and Bangalore that is telugu speaking people. Hyderabad is best interms of Food, Entertainment like movies and parks and Government.. Bangalore is best interms of weather and jobs. but these two cities are far more better than Kolkata where i am staying.Here still i am finding rikshaws.It is so poluted but people are friendly.

  58. deepak says:

    Why this fuss over which one is best?????????????? As an Indian i feel proud for success of both Bangalore and Hyderbad. I have some dear friends over there in Hyderbad and Bangalore, so both cities are close to my heart. Let us discuss problems which is hinder our great cities from becoming international hub and not wasting time on discussing which one is good.

  59. Aditya says:

    the hyderabad is becoming very dirty

    1. rupavani says:

      hyd is much better than many cities…

  60. Aditya says:


  61. iah87 says:

    I live in Houston but I visit India often (annually) and can measure “progress” every time I visit Hyd, Blr, Chennai, Bom or Del. I am an original native of Hyd.

    Roads: The quality of roads in Hyd is beginning to deteriorate badly. Most of the side roads are atrocious. I believe roads in other 4 cities are better (Delhi is the best).
    Traffic: Bad in all cities, but Delhi is still the best. In Hyd, they are atleast trying to fix the situation by building more flyovers. In Blr or Chennai, flyover work is going at a snail’s pace. In Bom, while the traffic flows more smoothly, it is jammed at all hours.
    Prices: Hyd and Chennai are still the cheapest, inspite of the mega real estate prices.
    Restaurants and Hotels: If you are a South Indian looking for multi cuisine rest. Hyd or Blr have super restaurants with Chennai close behind. Bom or Del have good rest. but lag in multi cuisine.
    Cosmopolitan: Surprisingly inspite of heavy migration to Blr from North, Hyd is still has more ethnically balanced culture, with Hindi still widely spoken in Hyd as compared to Blr. However if you look at the number of movies released, Hindi movies are declining in numbers in Hyd, whereas in Blr or Chennai they are at the same level as about 5 years ago.

  62. Pandey says:

    All these discussions are chumma! Bangalore girls are better than Hyderabad girls. This is the bottom line. Full disco in Bangalore…

  63. thunder says:

    its funnny to say banglore is better than hyderabad

    leave about climate bang is best

    the theatres are worst in banglore they demand 100 200 rupees but still worst sound system,ac not efficient

    coming to public transportation banglore city bus rates are very high which cost 30% more compare to hyderabad

    petrol cost 10% more

    roads in some area ooo sorry leave away roads there no path to walk in some ares
    all muddy roads

    every restaurent charge you atleast 3 star rate in banglore which you will get far better taste with less burden on your pocket in hyderabad

    culture wher is culture in banglore(girls date,drink do evry thing)

    oo one good thing at banglore here brandy and whisky are cheap compare to hyderabad so whats more come to banglore and drink as much as you can

  64. VINCE says:


  65. Hitesh says:

    Hi All,

    The comparision is gr8. I have my comments to add on.
    I am born and brought in Hyderabad but currently working in Bangalore.
    Yes, its 100% correct that the climate is awsome here in bangalore when compared to hyderabad.

    But there is lot more than just climate.

    [1] Food: Hyderabad is better. Its lite on your pocket and heavy on your stomach.
    [2] Climate: Bangalore rocks
    [3] Cost of Living: hyderabad scores
    [4] Traffic, places to freak out, infrastructure: Hyderabad scores
    [5] Overall rating (this is done as a bachelore)
    7/10: Hyderabad
    5.5/10 Bangalore…

  66. vinod says:

    hi guys

    Its nice to see all the above comments and comparisons about the two cities, its nothing but a childs play every one should love and respect their own city but one should not be so arrogant while commenting on other city,hyd may be good and fast growing city which may have good infra,government,service,airport(bigger than blr) etc.. blr might be having smaller airport than hyd it does’nt matter dont compare both the cities with the size of the airport,compare the standard of living,hyd may have ringroads,flyovers,underpasses, expressways etc.. but who said blr does’nt have all the above mentioned and someone above commented on the tension in blr b/w kannadigas and tamils.my question is which state in india does’nt have the tension or fights. if AP does’nt have any such tension then what abt telangana issue plz dont try to play fool out of bangaloreans,every one in the world knows abt bangalore and its people if any one wants to compare plz compare from which city the govt of India has highest income and compare the per capita income of both the cities.bangalore it is the land of hopes so please never ever tyr to compare the great blr with hyd.if any one wants to compare blr with hyd let hyd reaches the standards of blr then it would be nice to compare….

  67. tresor says:

    hellooooooo folks,am an andhriite,n am proud to have been one,am proud of my state n the people of andhra,the people of ap r the smartest people in india by far,nobody comes closer to us,we r the smartest.take chennai n bangalore,both the cities r flooded wit our people,there is no modern india without the people of ap,as simple as that,we produce more grad than anyother state in india n more importantly quality graduates,unlike other states,as 4 the city my hyderabad will naver ever become a mumbai or bangalore,we will be the local dominated cities come wat may,that is the great advantage of hyderabad,in 6yrs time,take my words it will overtake all the cities except mumbai,n mumbai also will not be spared 4yrs from then,so,in10yrs time india will be tha financial n whateva capital of india.the future is here…………………………..,so be smart n take my words.

  68. preethi reddy aaaa says:

    hyd rocks
    people rock
    hyd biryani rocks
    irani chai rocks
    nakoo kaiku rocks
    telangana aceent rock
    festivals rock(bathukamma, bonalu, vinayaka chavithi,holi) time for culture
    IT rocks(mmmmicrosoft….mmmmmmmmm)
    tank bund rocks————-nacklace road—durgam cheruvu rocks
    peddamathalli temple rocks
    sorry chhhhhhhhhhhhharminar rocks, golkonda……rocks
    touch, bnc rock……………………

    compariion: kannadigas dont rock in banglore but hydis rock in hyd(see locals rocking all over) hyd people know to cutdown tails of monkey’s who come from outside and showofffffffffffffff

    1. unknown says:

      it seems whores like u also rock there.. is it so?

      1. sksinghandnammabengurufucks says:

        madarchod unknown do u know one thing the whores in hyderabad is a import from ur motherfucking benguluru and dont go wild on girls u fucker of mother and daughter
        we will rape ur ass mother fucker JAI HIND expect for benguluru madarchods chennai and hyderabad rockz benguluru suckz its mothers pussy

  69. Raj says:

    I’m in Bangalore since past 4 1/2 years, I feel Bangalore had given me the best salary package and I could see in general Bangalore IT gives the best salary package even for fresher and less experience guys not only in IT but on other sectors. Package is not match by hyderbad in any ways. That’s the reason from every part of India, people are here for work and make their career ROCK. There is no comparison when it comes to Salary Package to individual in every sector by the companies in Bangalore.

    One month back in times of India, there was survey done in Bangalore and they concluded in every 15 families one family is LAKHPATI :-), what else do you need from a city. If we have similar kind of cities in India, I think we don’t need to ask much more from the great country.

    When is comes to education, the culture in young student and school and colleges is the best. Not only Auto drivers who cannot study more because of their poor family background. But whatever education they have got from Bangalore is commendable. In general people in Bangalore not only know many languages like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telgu, Kanada, Kokani, English, this make great city than any other city in India, even though Bangalore is cosmopolitan city. Bangalore citizen try and learn more language than any other city. Hyderbad people in general learn Hindi, English and Telgu. Even kids & student know many Indian languages as they being part of great Bangalore.

    Nightlife in Bangalore is great, and safer for girls too in nights. Got very few report launch in police station by females in Bangalore as compared to Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, people in general are not educated and telgu English is horrible to bear; reason being people like to talk in telgu in office no matter they are in Hyderabad or Banaglore. Where as local Bangalore guys too speak Kanada in office but the instance is very less as compared to Hyderbad.

    Traffic is real troubling in Bangalore, but even in Hyderabad it’s the same. Even though better and broad road in Hyderabad, but still the traffic is horrible there too. Reason being I travel a lot between Bangalore and Hyderabad.

    For me only standard of hospital and great doctors in Hyderabad is in comparable in any part of India, no doubt about it. Bangalore does not really come to mark of doctors and hospitals, even though in Bangalore there are hardly couples of great hospital and doctors. Its more of commercial these days, yet Hyderabad not gone to that commercialization but on to the verge of it.

    About real estate no matter what budget you have, you will find a house of that budget in most of the location of the city, that’s the beauty of Bangalore. When you find renowned builder come up with sky-high building and rocket cost, same place you will find builder who are reasonable in midst of them surviving the market heat. I don’t see much such builders in Hyderabad.

    Bangalore weather is unbeatable through out the year, beautiful breeze round the clock, which Hyderabad doesn’t have it.

    Need not have to jump from Bus like in Hyderabad, that’s horrible way of having Bus service in Hyderabad city. Bangalore got luxury buses within city, which is really worth traveling once in it.

    For me Bangalore is the best place to live in, which not gave me great career, better life but everything I dreamt about in life. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating anything-here just mere comparison between Bangalore and Hyderabad based on my life in both cities during couple of years of my life.

    To be honest there is no comparison between these two cities as no one can compare Apple with Orange, even if we do it nothing going to come out. My conclusion is both cities have its own beauty and importance.

  70. Rakesh says:

    Autos across Bangalore and Hyderabad is same, they just see IT guys throwing away huge money earned hard slogging 14-18 hours a day. Auto SUCKS everywhere as we dont have any system who monitor the safety and convenience of passenger. Robbing Auto guys is common in Hyderabad at nights, less in Bangalore, but both is true a part of life.

    Bomb blast in Hyderabd shows how safe is the city, which not yet happened in Bangalore, but many attempt or havoc happened in Bangalore. Its also part of life Bangalore is lucky not having any bomb blast as of now, but no one know about tomorrow. People are there to destroy image and assests of great cities.

    Politician who makes the cities worse both in Bangalore and Hyderabad by passing their SICK rule. No Hindi movie will be released for first week, till Kanada or Telgu movie is released. Just for their loss and impact on business, such crap rule is implement to just divide that they dont care about people anymore.

    No matter its movie, cavery water issue, growth of their local people in their city which happened in Mumbai, how can such sick attitude go un noticed by common man. And what could even common man would do, even if they noticed anything as oen of the common man is helping such people to do so for their benefits.

  71. tresor says:

    going by the trends in the recent past,i have come to a conclusion that we have to live with the terror and bomb blasts,purely and sinply because indian intelligence services canot be trusted unless this lame governament under an italian gets voted out and bjp comes and becomes proactive in tackling terror,my friend bangakore and karnataka is the place where the terrorists group and plot these attacks and so one cannot expect any bomb blasts happening in bangalore,because nobody will ever try to cut the branch on which he is sitting,
    so,bangalore is safe in that aspect……………………,and nothing else,take the new airport for instance,bangalore got a garage,where as hyderabad got a purely worldclass intl airport,that city is soul less and pretty soon will become useless…………..

    1. sksinghandnammabengurufucks says:

      bomb blasts did happened in mumbai and delhi means benguluru>delhi sometimes i dont even understand what these fucking namma bengulruins talk they talk impractical and just fuck thier mothers and daughters

  72. passerbyguyinBLRRoad says:

    Hi ,

    Let us not compare bangalore and hyderabad….The problem we have kannad people don’t advertise our cities in whatever the way they are….mainly undoubtedly whatever we speak/leave “A LION IS A LION………….YOU CANNOT PROVE IT IS A DOG”
    So, whatever you all shout….its of no use BANGALORE BINDAS OK

    1. sksinghandnammabengurufucks says:

      atleast dog is useful in many aspects to a man in what ways a lion is usefull instead its danger for humans if human family

  73. Prover says:

    Lion is a lion….you can’t prove it as a dog………..if it behaves like a dog then………well coming to point Bangalore is going down and Hyderabad is coming up…….weather is wet all the day….in bangalore and dirty streets whole dirty stuff is on roads…….it’s not worth to say a city…..when you compare with green city…….rains almost every week all disturbed traffic…..I think nobody likes rainy weather….dry is better and preffrered…you can atleast play cricket…….heheheh……f**king rain it should be in villages and with farmers in friendly way.

  74. radhakrishna says:


    1. Vishal says:

      Hee….which is that tower dude? that to 450 mts….i think you have to brush the knowledge on hyd…so sad.Just see Bang…you talk abot multiplex..they are more in number than hyd..even malls they are more in number than hyd…hyd didnt even have metro train like delhi..which bandg is having in two years…boss if ur hyd was so forward then why the people of india give importance to bang first..in news,fashion elsewhere..which ur hyd dont have.You dont make me laugh.

  75. radhakrishna says:


  76. ganesh says:

    chennai scores high than any other city in india in terms of infrastructure,human resources,people friendly government,social security for all minorities,world class hospitals which attracts many in the globe,well mannered and cultured people. it is the manchester of the east with many automotive companies(eg hyundai,ford,mistubushi,nissan,tvs,renault)there are many electonic component manufacturers(eg nokia ,motorola, samsung,flextronics,dell,foxconn) which makes it the true silicon hub of india. it has an truely vibrant it industry with both local and foriegn software companies .it is also the capital for ites and bpo sector.so my conclusion is chennai is far ahead of bengalooru or hydera(BAD) in terms of fdi which many world renowned economists acknowledged.

  77. radhakrishna says:

    ganesh u r really right.my brother doing mtech in chennai he improved a lot in chennai.but u cant say that chennai is superior to all every city has its own importance.chennai is so developed as its near to singapore,japan,etc and has seaport and here i am saying that hyd is good than blore

  78. kamal says:

    I am basically from Hyderabad, but I am in bangalore from past one year.
    Somewhere in the blog I read that instead of pointing good things in both cities we should point out or correct the bad things hapenning.
    Both cities have got this status because of the people, tradition ….(because of open nature and tradition), skills etc.

    Bangalore has good sum of trees which are very old (which I have seen being cut…very bad)—- Why cant this come up in Hyderabad.

    Auto drivers in bangalore I have personally faced are bad. But people dont have time to make a complaint. Autodrivers are not ready to give theri liscence number and details. In Bangalore East — Auto driver were not ready to come by Meter and asked my parent to carry the luggage out of the station compound. Hyderabad had the same problem but at every railway station there is traffic cop helping you. I heard that in Hyderabad auto drivers are charging more than the meter and the latest news was many of them were fined for this.
    What should be done to these auto drivers.. to prevent the reputation of the respective cities.

    House rent in bangalore the advance which is asked in painful…what is the need? Two months can be understood as a token or security for the owner so that if the tenant does not pay or repair the house. Hyderabad is becoming costlier in terms of rent.. this should not happen.. also bangalore can comedown in their 10 months advance.

    Students from allover come hyderabad to study.. specially for computer education… they get what they want within the limits of their pocket. I have not heard of such place in bangalore

    Food cost is definetly less and more of variety in hyderabad. The variety is more because hyderabad is cosmopolitin since ages. Bangalore food is good but not cheaper when compared to hyderabad. There are places in bangalore where you can find food of your taste and cost. You need to search.

    Cost of living is growing in both cities, bangalore is ahead because we people from IT showoff money. We dont care of money. We feel asking back 50 paise is a matter of shame. We initially give tips of 10 -20- 30 or 10% of the total bill to waiters ……
    That is why these people say that you people of IT have lot of money and people from IT dont have value for money.
    Now the habit of charging money is created now we should bear this…… This is the environment what we have created.

    There is no water problem or electricity problem in bangalore… but in hyderabad you do have this. we should think as what should be done to solve this problem
    In bangalore people use solar heaters.. they save energy why dont the people learn this also save energy. why dont people start water conservation in hyderabad when it is a issue.
    Instead we creating issues… its better to solve. Implementing will give the results but not the discussion.
    NO ONE IS PERFECT. resolving the issues and moving forward is leadership.
    Hope you take only the good aspects from this message.
    Lets work to build our nation.

  79. mr 420 says:

    mr radhakrishna go fuck ur self……….have u ever been 2 b’lore…..ask ur chief minister why he is having all his business in bangalore……fuckin dick head.

  80. mr 420 says:

    we bangaloreans beat u guys hands down any time.

    1. sksinghandnammabengurufucks says:

      in what iit ,aieee , jobs hhahahahhahahahaahh nothing u mother fuckers beat us in nothing then why just u show of husabands of mother namma bengulurus

  81. kesh says:

    hey “mr” kiss ma a**.
    U just can’t hide the pain in knowing the truth said by mr radhakrishna!!!
    Just make so vague baseless statements …! Vulgar Preck! hah!

  82. subbi lenodu says:

    bangalore is certainily a great city and like most great cities locals are not given any preference in jobs.

    even in hyderabad, telugu is rarely heard and telugu people dont have respect for their own language. i am telugu and i can vouch for that fact

    even if bangalore were to be taken over by hyderabad it will be doom for hyderabad as development in bangalore has a great flip side to it

    regarding Hyderabad’s poor assembly, history of communal riots and islamic terrorism, that is one thing everything telugu bidda should be ashamed of

    nenu telugu biddane
    naku telusu bhagyanagaram chettha

    i am telugu bidda and i salute those martys of Ap who freed Ap from Nizams

    as a telugu man i feel bangalore is much better though it doesnt mean that telugu people have not taken over the world vis a vis any others

    we rock but terrorism and state support to terror in AP rock more than us

  83. yeah.. sorry.. i forgot mention about oldcity area of hyderabad. Though hyd is best in all terms to blore, oldcity is the worstplace in terms of roads and everything. Never ever go to that part of the city, though you never need to.

  84. Harish Rao says:

    hii friends i am from karimnagar. I have studied for 3 years in hyderabad and now working for a project in bangalore. So i guess i can compare the two cities..

    The very first feeling about bangalore is bangalore sucks in infrastructure and ambience. Hyderabad is way ahead in this aspect. traffic management is way worst in bangalore. Roads except the road to new international airport and the ring road are like gullies in hyderabad. apart from IT bangalore is rich in Research and defence organisations like HAL, NAL, ISRO, INDIAN AIR FORCE, which other cities doesnt have. But i dont think this is the measure to say which city is better for living. Hyderabad is way ahead in basic education than bangalore say the fact that there are more than 600 iitians emerging from Hyd alone out of 3000 seats.

    Hyderabad is more of cosmopolitan in nature. Bangalore is more metropolitan in nature. In bangalore there are very few places for entertainment, fun and refreshment, and Shopping say Koramangala, MG Road and Brigade road. There are plenty in Hyderabad like the entire tankbund area, Punjagutta, Somajiguda, Banajara Hills, Jubilee Hills and ofcourse durgam cheruvu and Hitec city area which is perfect Blend of mordenity. I can say that theres no area in bangalore as well furnished and High Class as Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad

    Lemme say some largests in hyderabad that bangalore dosent have Hyd has the largest and the most mordern airport in India which ha the second longest runway in asia, it is second largest metropolotan area in india only after delhi, It has the largest 3D Imax Screen in the world, Largest Film Studio in the world Ramoji Film City which is the Guiness Record Holder, Asias third largest Bus Station apart from these the longest fly over in india (12 Kms) is about to be completed, Two skyscrapper townships are under construction Lanco Hills Residential Township and APIIC Township with a minimum floor count of 30 floors Lanco hills is constructing the tallest residential complex in the world (Signature Tower, 121 Floors, 640 mts) APIIC is Constructing APIIC Tower (100 Floors, 450 mts).

    The cons of hyderabad are its extreme weather conditions and the fact as being the terrorist base of India. Local Bus facilities are better in bangalore than hyderabad considering Local Volvos in bangalore are really awesome. But Hyd is gonna bridge this gap soon as govt has already released Local Volvos in Hyd too recently.

    If Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India Hyderabad is The Genome Valley of India. Hyderabad is the largest Hub for BioTechnology in entire Asia. Example the US Pharmacopeia has its only branch in Hyderabad outside washington. check out for genome valley in wikipedia.

    I accept that Bangalore once was a glorius city but lost its glory. Now and atleast for next 10 years its Hyderabad time. Hyderabad Rocks.The standard of life in hyd in higher than blore. Life is far refreshing in hyd. Bangalore can regain its glory if there political situations assist. But this is not going to happen atleat for next 10 to 15 years.

  85. sandy says:

    Bangalore just rocks!!!!!!!
    i just don’t care of any other city in south India.

  86. Sourab Pincha says:


    have compared already….

    the truth is both the city sucks in infrastucture.. now dont argue.. that hyd hv better infra… have proof…
    just by putting some good roads near airport and hussain sagar dsnt mean that its good..

    but hyd airport is small n cute.. bangalore big (gigantic) but not cute..

    my co is in imports hv visitors from othr countries asked them to rate it.. Bengaluru is awesome.. in hydrbad, people keep spiting here n there..no public transportation..


    BUT hyd people have purchasing power more than that of bangalore…

    wait i have a sample…

    15 employees of my company were shifted to hyderabad… at co’s expense
    n 15 were shifted to bangalore frm hyderabad, at co’s expense for 2 months total billing
    was hyderabad we paid around 38,000/-
    bangalore 28,000/-
    the hotels were of same hospitality group…

    guys were from UP… CA’s..

    n now all the 30 work in bangalore offf…

    i read that housing in hyd is cheap… prove me bosss……

  87. Vinodh says:

    I am a Tamilian (Kerala-based) born in Bangalore, brought up in Hyderabad and working in Bangalore for over 5 years now.

    Though I am a hardcore Hyderabadi at heart, and always long for Hyd to be the best city, there are a few things about B’lore that I miss in Hyd, and would like to adapt.

    I feel ppl in Hyd have a more laidback, chalta-hai attitude (transitioned from its nawabi culture) which is clearly visible in its lack of civic sense, traffic sense. This has its pluses too; you need not adhere to the traffic lights and be flexible yet careful. Though roads are wide, you will not find the greenery or pavements in most roads on B’lore. Further, there is a clutter of dirty wires hanging loose across the street light poles, which put you off. You see ppl spitting on the roads right from the buses, and old city is a blot on the map of Hyd with its narrow lanes, and shanties more like a mega slum. Except for the new areas around Madhapur, Gachhi Bowli, and KP, other areas resemble a mess. Himayathnagar has undergone a sea change lately. I think Hyd is a slow-catcher and whatever comes to B’lore comes to Hyd in 3-5 years time (be it eating-out, malls, nightlife, flyovers, transport, etc. except for the new airport). Public transport is okay, but buses (around 2200) are inadequate, MMTS popularity is growing but it is high-time the second phase is commissioned to fully utilize the vast railway network. Autowallahs were polite, courteous, and obliging earlier, however there used to be rampant tampering of old meters, following which digitization of meter was mandatory. Now they are no better than Bangalore autowallahs in demanding extra fare, not agreeing to ply on meter, and not agreeing to ply to your destination as they don’t have tampered meters now. Ppl in Hyd show more hospitality and welcome ppl from all regions with open hands. It is a true confluence of north-south and culturally rich. You will not find the local language imposed upon you, and even the shops and establishments widely use English as the only display language. Local ppl are warmer, friendly, helpful as well as casual. Climate, except for the summer months is pleasant. The city admin has to pull up their socks and provide more infrastructure, facilities to its citizens and ppl need to obey traffic rules, be more responsible towards environment and shun the take it for granted attitude. Rents are affordable but is slowly catching up with B’ lore. However, the quality of construction, and services offered are not up to the standards. There are a lot of options for non-veggies and they can enjoy the authentic hyd’badi biryani at bawarchi, paradise, Hyd house and so many other places. There are a good number of veg hotels too and darshini concept is fast catching up. Movie theaters are any day best in Hyd with great facilities at a fraction of the cost. You can enjoy your fav movies at a multiplex for as little as Rs. 100 on a wknd whereas it can go up to Rs.250 in B’lore. You find great sofa seats and ambience even in the suburban cinemas with great audio and picture quality. However, you cannot expect Tamil, Mallu movies in regular shows. Nightlife is catching up for those who are game for it and there is a long list of quite / serene wknd getaways, Durham cheruvu, gandipet, RFC, N’sagar dam, etc.

    Now the pluses of B’lore, many narrow yet alternative roads, you can reach your destination easily by more than two routes albeit with almost same amt of time, tree-lined avenues lending cool shade (though the number is decreasing lately, thanks to the Metro and new airport). I find traffic sense in B’lore is overboard with signals running into minutes just every few yards even though no traffic is coming from the other side, which is inflexible. Public transport (read BMTC buses) is good with more than 4000 buses plying and good, neat buses with pneumatic doors, and the Volvos are great, though the price is bit on a higher side. The only drawback is the boards are written only in Kannada (except Volvos / Suvarna), which is drawback to those not well-versed with Kannada / Telugu script. The less said the better about the Bangalore auto-wallahs. They bluntly refuse to ply to your destination and you need to negotiate 10-20 autos to get lucky. Civic sense and citizen orientation is very good here with numerous beautiful layouts, greenery, parks and playgrounds. Old layouts like Jayanagar, Vijayanagar, Malleshwaram, and Indiranagar are pleasant, if you could afford the high rents there (clean roads, parks, swimming pools, and vegetable / dairy markets of its own). Of course the new swarming areas are in a mess. There are too many eat out options with Andhra food widely available (Nandhini, Mayura, Nagarjuna being popular), Shanti Sagar chain is good in vegetarian with good mix of south / north Indian delicacies. In every street you would find scores of darshinis with affordable yet delicious food. Opportunities are on any day more in B’lore than Hyd, and that’s the reason I am here. Except house rentals all other costs are on par with Hyd, which is also catching up with high rentals. B’lore is the pub capital and has an active night life of late curtailed by police though. B’lore is a great cosmopolitan city albeit with local language being imposed on you be it buses, shops and even s/w co’s despite there being hardly 30% Kannadigas here. There are a bunch of wknd getaways (nandi and skandagiri hills, mysore, wonder-la, hoggenakal falls, banyan tree etc) and even hill stations like ooty, yercaud, coorg are not too far for a wknd trip. B’lore with its salubrious climate itself pleasant for outdoor activities sans the heat and sweat

  88. Ricky says:

    I have worked and stayed in blr and hyd.. I’m currently in the US and have gone to many cities the worl over.I have also worked with Americans, Germans, Brits, Canadians and Chinese/Korean/Japanese. There are some things based on my experience which are as follows:

    – Bangalore is as much of a worldwide BRAND as of a world city. On a world stage it definitely makes one feel good saying he/she is from bangalore than from any other indian city with the exception of Bombay or New Dehi.

    – Americans and Germans have a perception that BLR is a highly sophisticated indian city.

    – In US and most parts of Europe –> When you introduce yourself and where you are from, you dont have to follow it up with the country name for just 3 indian cities – Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore ( Ex. Just saying I’m from bangalore / mumbai / delhi is fine). Whereas for any other city, you always need to say – I’m from hyd, India.. This is supported by the fact that the 3 most popular indian cities in order of popularity are – Mumbai/Bombay, Bangalore, New Delhi.

    – There are only 2 Asian cities to be verbed – Shanghai (verb – Shanghaied) and Bangalore (verb – Bangalored). Its not every now and then that a city would be verbed. This is due to a phenomena that is sudden, very fast paced, something due to great international presence. In American terms, Bangalore had the fastest growth rates of any Asian city in the 90’s.

    – World CEO Forum (an organization of leading CEO’s worldwide discussing business trends in the future) : They have forecasted that Bangalore as the top choice to be the R&D and innovation hub of the world by 2025 (knowledge capital of the world) with stiff competetion from Seoul, South Korea.

    Having said so much, no doubt hyd is good in its own sense.. But my analysis has been completely from a world and business perspective – Simple and straight: other indian cities with the exception of Mumbai and New Delhi will not be able to gain the sudden glory that blr say. Its something which is well printed on human mind and is unerasable. Sudden fame is also because right thing happened at the right time.

    Within India, all cities Rock!!! On the world stage – Bangalore ROCKS!!! ( P.S – Bangalore is the new centre of the world)

  89. santosh says:

    Radhakrishnan you rocks. whtvr u said is all correct. Hyederabad city rocks.

  90. rmbgi says:

    I’m a telugu. I live in Hyd for 10 years(since childhood), Pune 2 yrs and Bangalore 5 years.

    I find Bangalore a lot better in many ways. Climate..
    After seeing Hyd, I never felt real summer in Bangalore.

    -> Traffic and discipline. My god, in Hyd the way people drive is driving me crazy. Bangalore is heavy traffic yet much peaceful to drive.

    -> Food. Hyd has some great good. Biriyani and more.
    I recently has bad expirence with Pubs in Hyd. The city needs to under stand whats pub are all about.
    -> Bangalore food has loads of variety. Like Casapicola, Thai, Japanese and Caribbean food. Very good Pubs culture.

    -> Apartments & Building. Bangalore has some of the best Apartment and commercial builders like Prestige, Shobha etc. Hyd construction quality is worst and really really bad in terms of planning.

    -> Greenery => No doubt Bangalore and ooty,Coorg kerala are much more nearer.

    -> Cosmopolitan -> In Bangalore you can speak any language. Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada.

    Hyderabad roads have become worst now Oct 2009. Theres lots of attitude problem in Hyd. In Bangalore ppl are more friendly. I wish i was back to Bangalore.

  91. Mumbaikar says:

    1. Let me clarify some of the things.
    1. Delhi tops in infrastructure closely followed by Chennai.
    2. Mumbai the financial capital closely followed by Bangalore
    3. For IT / BT / Defence / Govt Research centers, no other city can compare with Bangalore.
    4. For auto sector, Chennai scores over other indian cities.
    5. Pharma, Hyd has most closely followed by Bangalore, Mumbai
    6. For transportation services, Kolkata has many options but Mumbai and Chennai has the best followed by Delhi.
    7. Quality of life, mysore is the best followed by Chandigarh
    Coming to future:
    * Well connected with rest of the country
    * Good infrastructure
    * Not a safe place to live-in.
    * Expensive for non delhi people
    * Power problems
    * Climate
    Positives of Bangalore
    * Bangalore do not have any geographical constraints
    * Bangaloreans have great tolerance for other people.
    * Bangalore is well connected with rest of the world, probably more than any other city in India.
    * Bangalore is blessed with a great climate.
    * Bangalore will fix its traffic problems in next 2-3 years
    * Wealth creator of the nation
    Unstable govt all the time
    Positives of Mumbai
    * Good sea/air connectivity,
    * Quality of life is poor
    * Power problems
    * Very prone to communal and regional clashes
    * Weather is moderate but rainy season is horrible
    * Fantastic infrastructure with less cars, makes life easier to go
    * Power
    * Good governance
    * Do not encourage other people to come, Chennai is for tamils.
    * Night life is poor,
    * Weather is horrible
    Hyderabad / Pune /Mysore/ Ahmedabad/ Chandigarh / Managlore/ Kochi / a long way to go to become hub.

    1. pratik sharma aka gillette says:

      check out what u just said abt mumbai bhau…aapya kade power problems kuthe aahes?

  92. cpb rao says:

    i am a bangalorean since my childhood..
    After BBMP bangalore infrastructure is rocking!
    all the new extended roads n fly overs,only city running Volvo buses is bangalore in India,
    SOI is good, extending its wings day by day a lot more!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Um amazing posts, I don’t entirely agree but I am still interested in this.

  94. Praan says:

    I worked in Hyderabad for 2 years and than shifted to Bangalore and its been 2 years here. so in my 4 years career I have equally worked in both rocking cities.
    Both cities are good, Our selection should be based on what we want in life. I really loved Hyderabad when I was working there, I didnt want to leave Hyd but the only reason I came to Blore was to meet all my friends here ( I am born and brought up in Karnataka and 90% of my friends stay in Blore )and have some fun and I got a very good offer here in Blore.

    I am at a stage where I am confused whether to settle in Bangalore or Hyderabad.

    Things in Bangalore which are encoraging me to shift to Hyd are :
    1. Metro rail project has taken a toll over blore. 50% of the trees are cut and almost all roads are blocked for the metro project.
    2. This has increased the level of dust and Air pollution in Bangalore.
    3. Bangalore is a disease prone area now, there is high rate of Asthama and Arthritis patients bcos of the cool climate which is not very healthy. Infact one of my friends who is a medical rep for Arthritis medicies told me one day that his business is very well in Blore which would not have been as such in other cities.
    4. For me 70% of my relatives are in Hyderabad and others are in the places which are nearer to Hyd compared to Blore.
    5. My native is very near to Hyd ( Just 4 to 5 hours ) compared to blore ( 10 hours ).

    Things in Blore which are discouraging me to go to Hyd.

    1. IT companies – every nook and corner you will find a company here.
    2. Blore is best for Entrepreneurs.
    3. Greenery which is still alive in areas like malleswaram, Rajajinagar, jainagar.
    4. The Brand BANGALORE
    5. Out sports like visiting superb cities around bangalore.

    Conclusion : After listing all these things and based on my priorities my decision is : I think I will shift to Hyd in 3 months and based on new opportunities, I may come to Bangalore after 5 years, once the metro is ready.

  95. Praveen says:

    Both cities are good in some areas but i prefer hyd since am a Hyderabadi.

  96. Vijay Singh says:

    Hyderabad rocks…I am a North Indian.I didn’t see friendly and multi-culture people anywhere in India. I have to decided to stay here for rest of my life.

  97. sudhamsh says:

    hyderabad right now is less developed than bangalore but it is fast catching up and will topple banglore in coming years
    here are the reasons why —
    1) Educational institutes: hyderabad has a lot of educational institutes compared to bangalore like
    1) IIT
    2)BITS hyderabad(shamirpet)
    3)IIIT (gachibowli)
    4)Osmania university
    and also there are close to 200 engineering colleges in and around hyderabad like CBIT,MVSR and also NIT waranagl ( which is closer to hyd) etc which are considered to be among top 50 colleges in india.
    wheres as in bangalore there arent many collges of repute
    exception being IIM and recently set up bang IIIT(which still has long way to catch up the stature of hyderabad)

    and there are a lot more institutions coming up in hyderabad
    they are:
    1) XLRI of jamshedpur
    2)TISS (tata institue of social sciences) of mumbai
    3) Symbiosis university
    4) IMT of ghaziabad
    5) NMIMS of bombay
    6) and lastly Georgia tech university is planning to sett up university at hyderabad
    so with a hell lot of universities and collegs of repute coming to hyderabd there will be a huge pool of talent generated from hyderabd which will attract many companies to hyderabad.

    already hyderabd is home to many fortune 500 companies like
    5)Texas Instruments
    6)Lanco Global Systems
    7)Microsoft R&D India Pvt. Ltd.
    8)Oracle Software India
    9)GE Capital International Services Ltd
    10)mahindra Satyam Technology Centre
    11)Silicon Automation Systems
    12)Wipro Technologies Ltd
    13)Tata Consultancy services
    14)Infosys Technologies Limited
    15)wells fargo
    and the main advantage of hyderabd is that government of AP whether cong or tdp has always been proactive in developing hyderabad

    coming to infrastructure front
    hyderabd boasts of longest flyover in india from mehdipatnam to shamshabad airport
    and also world class airport arguably the best in india at shamshabad.the outer ring roads which are under construction will ease the traffic and reduce the time of travel in future.

    hydearbad’s other advantages are it has diversed economy
    it has IT industry,
    emerging bio tech industry
    and semi conductor field( fab city)
    and also tourism ,education etc
    which will make it as top tier city in coming years.

    even if telangana comes hyderabd’s growth story will continue because the real estate will fall down so cost of living will go down hence the small IT companies can set up their shop with less costs .

    low cost of living means there will be a huge amount of money to spend even with less salary
    so this will mean that hyderabd will grow with even more pace. 🙂

  98. suresh says:

    one person in the hurry of comparing both the cities mentioned that there will be always clashes between kannadigas and tamils. so it is tensed area. boss this has happened rarely twice. thats it but here both kannadigas and tamils are livng happily together. but in hyderabad where most of the city resided with terroists i dont know how safe it is…so if any how hyderabad is better than bangalore why people coming from andhra settling here permently and people go from karnataka get back to their native places. may be both are mad in your view. and one more thing in bangalore population
    33% kannadigas
    26% tamils
    21% telugus
    20% others (mallus, northis)
    got the statistics and as if out of 21% telugus at least if 15% will go to andhra bangalore will be better city in india in next 5 year( as they are ruining the city with real estate, hotel industry) and for your kind information yours own YS jagan use to live in bangalore until he was MP.

  99. radhakrishna says:

    bangalore,hyderabad,chennai have their importance and one have to select either one of them according to their tastes.if a person dont even care abt heat and humidity chennai is best because of its excellent traffic maintainence,some what less cost of living,good shopping and no power cuts in summer.if one cares somewhat abt climate to be average,hyderabad or bangalore is best but bangalore has high cost of living so the money we earn goes most for house rents and cost of living in bangalore where as we can save that money in hyderabad which has some what less cost of living when compared to bangalore.hyderabad is hotter only in april and may and if one can sustain that heat hyd is best.where as if one always want cool climate like air conditioner he has to choose bangalore definitely but has to give up his desire of saving money as he cant do it in bangalore due to its high cost of living.but we being IT professionals spend most of the time in AC’s i think climate is nt at all a factor.so u can choose chennai as the beast as we can go to the beach in the evening and enjoy the cool breeze in evenings of hot summers.but prob in chennai is water which is nt there in hyd but there to some extent in blore.so finally aggregation is

    hyderabad:good climate except in april and may,no water problem,cheap rents,heavy rains when cyclones like LAILA strikes andhra pradesh,IMAX theatre,snow world,good shopping but 2 hrs power cut in summerbut good infrastructure and even facebook is setting up centre outside US in hyderabad in india.

    bangalore:excellent and fantabulous climate,some what water shortage,power cuts in summer,good opportunities,good exposure but high cost of living if u see for climate u may face many difficulties financially in bangalore which is undesirable as we spend most of the time in AC’s being IT professionals

    chennai:very hot,humid climate,very sticky climate prone to skin diseases.water problem through out year,but less cost of living,excellent traffic maintainence and marvalleous roads,no power cuts ever and ever,excellent shopping

  100. pradeep says:

    @suresh : it seems tat ur a very great fan of banglore. tats good. for ur information ys jagan used to live in banglore bcoz hez developing business der, and he doesnt wants to do it in hyderabad bcoz he would hav been centerd and caught bcoz of his illegal and black money..tats it my dear. many ppl wish to stay in blore than hyd bcoz of it climate, and more over many ppl of telugu yputh are software engineers.. since IT is better developed in blore than hyd they wish to stay der in blore..but other industries are very well growing up in hyd than in blore.. by the year 2025 hyd gonna cross blore in partial GDP terms(NDTV profits)

  101. pradeep says:

    sry by the year 2015 hyd is gonna cross blore . typin mistake in my 1st post

  102. You Bloody, motherfucking Outsiders………
    Please fuck off from bangalore… Comparing the develoapment and the quality of the city in terms of IT and infrastructure is like comparing the plastic lawn with rain forest. Bangalore was fine before IT it will be fine even if IT leaves….. Atleast you motherfucking outsiders will be kicked out of bangalore if it happens. You deep fried andra vadus bloody biryani eaters, stupid Kongrus and Jack ass northindians Fuck off from bangalore get settled on the banks of hyderabads Tank bund eating the Kakkas of Hyderabadi muslims Fuck off from bangalore and never come back again…… Good Bye

    1. indian says:

      Abbe ohh Mfucker (Namma Bengalooru)
      jst fuck off frm here who the fuck r u …
      how dare u say Hyd muslims get out of BLR ,we will leave any were and we dont involve in this kind of cheap matters..we follo only islam .dont ever talk a word on Muslim
      this topic is only about Hyd n BLR not muslims ok..?

      If bangalore has kept india on top of map Then wjy dint President of USA dint visit Blr
      Prez of USA visited Hyd 2 times..
      get lost from this topic i think u need rest..

    2. nammabengulurufucksandsuckshismotherspussy says:

      see the whole development in bangalore is made by hyderabadis and all other indians except you mother fucking namma benguluru u guys just show off u fuck ur mothers and daughters u guys are mother fuckers

  103. Psycho says:

    Guys GUys Guy$… chill out… Let me make this clear to u. Hyderabad can never grow as much as Bangalore. Bangalore is far much better than HYD. There is nothing which u can compare with BLR because BLR was always unique and will always be unique. HYD is totally fucked up with illiterate and uneducated fools. The people just need some reason to show off that their city is good. It still doesnt have any global standards. People dont even have proper dressing sense. I saw some people saying that there are nice places like the “NECKLACE ROAD” in HYD for example to hang out in the evening but BLR doesnt have even one. U people( HYD locals) know that in HYD , in such places like “NECKLACE ROAD” , u will find only prostitutes and transexuals not the common people. I know why HYD is developing. Thats because the COPS there get good money from this prostitute for supporting the business. Even the government is fucked up. It is totally corrupt. Even they would not stop children from trafficking. U know the size of the state…, now there are politics even within the state. They want to divide the state but HYD should be theirs. How foolish these people are. I wonder if its only the people HYD or everyone in the state.

  104. Psycho says:

    And a msg to u Bitchs and Bastards… (especially to the HYDERBAD people)…

    Don’t u ever dare to compare with BANGALORE

  105. Psycho says:

    U should know that…

    BANGALORE has put INDIA on the world map many times. (countless times).

    Tel me what did HYD do for INDIA.

    It only spoilt the country’s image with cheap politics.
    Corrupt politicians, corrupt officials, etc…

    1. pratik sahrma says:

      listen mate,the discussion aint abt hyd or bglore…its abt the d\country we live and thrive in..i am very new to blog posting and this is my first reply ever,and i feel sorry for ppl like u who are regionalism fanatics.every city has its own value..its the mf***** politicians who divide us…we in mumbai respect every other region as its a well known fact that each region contributes to the nation GDP and impp..have a big heart elder bro…please..its a humble request..

    2. physcoisamotherfucker says:

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  106. Psycho says:

    U see HYD has majority only from Andhra Pradesh. And people from outside are very less.
    But in Bangalore its global. There are people from around the globe. And everyone has good understanding between each other. We welcome everyone whole heartedly.
    We don’t have any HIND-MUSLIM clashes here like it happens in HYD.
    Even the crime rate is very less compared to urs. Atleast the COPS are intelligent. They make the best use of technology. The traffic cops use BLACKBERRY phones to access the details of vehicles instantaneously. Do the cops there know what a BLACKBERRY means or they still use use the china goods.

    1. physcoisamotherfucker says:

      see ur cops use blacberry phones to take image of ur mother nude asshole

  107. radhakrishna says:


    1. indian says:

      Ur right Sir ..Its Hyderabadi style n we follow it
      Blr idiots follow western style n we follo indian n Hyderabadi style.
      who the idiot is Phycho to tell us abt Hyd .
      go phycho fst clean ur NmmO Blra..n talk abt Hyd
      BLR has more prostitutes than HYd.
      ve r clean n always clean .V maimtain Telugu unity n respect it..Jai India Jai AP Jai HYD

    2. unknown says:

      radhakrishna, u must be a fuckin cunt, an ass licker of the family.. don’t you? what the fuck u know abt bangalore.. lets talk in simple words.. just compare the ratio of kannada ppl in hyderabad and telugu ppl in bangalore.. for sure telugu ppl will be more and kannada ppl in hyderabad will be less.. so the question is y the fuck u ppl are coming here? u and some other ppl said the there are so many it industries in and around hyderabad, so these telugu bastards dont find a job there only.. couple of my friend are from hyderabad their names are santhosh reddy and prakash goud, they r not much interested of ur hyderabad, even if they get a chance to go to native also they wont go, they say there is nothing in hyderabad compare to bangalore.. this shows what ur hyderabad is all about…
      We kannada ppl know how to respect other ppl. Thats y ul and these mother fuckers tamilians are still here, if not ul had to leave bangalore long back.. mind that…
      U said we should tear clothes and run like mads? fine then u go give urself a blow job on the streets go..

      1. sksinghandnammabengurufucks says:

        see again i am replying u motherfucking madarchod unknown see we are more in ur fucking namma benguluru bcoz we are more technical then u are and u r husbands of mothers and daughters just fuck up go fuck ur daghters and mothers are local sluts in benguluru and whores and ur cock is strucked up in pussy of ur mother fucking madarchod if u make hyderabadi go vulgar at the end of the day u will cry why just i messed with them

      2. benguluriansaremadarchods says:

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      3. benguluriansaremadarchods says:

        see blow jobs are done by u bengulru ur benguru is famous for this type of jobs tooo dont just mess up wid hyderabadis we will shave ur mothers pussy makalode madarchods UNKNOWN UNKNOWN SEE ur friends SANTOSH REDDY AND PRAKASH GOUD ARE ALSO MOTHER FUCKERS i have many examples but i dont mention name like u mother fucker unknown u fuck everyone in ur family ur mother ur cousins ur sisters ur aunties as all r from benguluru i think all are prostitutes mother fucker UNKNOWN UNKNOWN UNKNOWN we a secret agency of maglee found that u work in DRTT TRUST we gonna come there and cut ur cock and shave ur mothers pussy

      4. themanwhoishidingasunknownisamotherfuckerandhismotherisalocalslut says:

        unknow u r son of a mother fucker and ur mother is a lesbain with your daghter and this is a situation in your bitchy motherfucking benguluru assholes just piss off from our country makalodes we have CHENNAI HYDERABAD MUMBAI DELHI all of these cities have more technical power than u u collect them all in ur namma bengaluru and say our bengaluru has best it jobs best infrastructure FOR SURE NO SON OF YOUR NAMMA BENGULURU MADE IT AS IT NOW ITS ALL OUR NORTH INDIANS mother fucker unknown u r son of a cunt and give me your contact numbes asshole i gonna shave ur mothers pussy makalode madarchod

      5. Ramprasad says:

        correct sir

    3. Ramprasad says:

      Kannadigara Asthi Namma Bengaluru, kannadigaru modhalu swarthigalagabeku, agale e hindhivalagalige buddi kalisalu agodu, telugu bagge navu thale kedisikollolludu beda, AP futurenalli 3 Bhagavagutte, south india dalli Karnataka Big State agutte, Jai Karnataka

  108. pratik sharma aka gillette says:

    good one sir…the country needs ppl like u

  109. Aniketh says:

    Well said RK ………u are absolutely ri8

  110. Madhu says:

    That may be right… But hyd is just xerox copy of bangalore copying every companies from bangalore… This is stupid..:-|

    1. suman says:

      hi friends i suman
      BANGLORE :
      1) is a cosmopolitan city with many people from india and around the world( expected huge people out of india stay here).

      2)good employment oppurtunities.

      3)weather is good. but now a days due to huge population its being poluted severly.

      4)cost of living is very high.

      5)food not so tasty.

      6)unbearable traffic

      7)big malls and having posh life style

      8)very good schools

      9)no worry abt political factors in private affairs

      1) it is also a cosmopolitan city

      2)employment oppurtunities are good but not as good as banglore

      3)weather is good. no seasonal disasters

      4)cost of living is up and down some times due to poitical stunts

      5)food is very tasty (hyderabadhi biryani rocks)
      here food culture is acceptable to all parts of world

      6)traffic is better than banglore

      7)malls are in gud no. accesable to medium class also

      8)schools are gud.

      9)political factors concern a lot for the investors over here as the telangana matter is in heat but it could be solved with in 6 months of time.

      10)roads are much better than banglore

      11)basically hospitals and their facilities are really awesme.






      1. Ramprasad says:

        u wrong

    2. indian says:

      Who the fuck r u to say Hyd is xeroz copy of Blr Almost every company is based in USA n UK n many other cities..Blr is a copy of USA UK.n many more
      so as HYD is..
      It is not copy of ur NAmmO bLar…
      India Rocks except u idiots…

  111. madhu says:

    Oye idiot…India rocks … Rocks for ever… It for that we all people are working for… I jus said hyd is copying bangalore’s things.. Like copying in exam.. Namma bangalore, namma hyd, namma India, rocks for ever…

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  113. I think hydrabad is good among these two cities..

    If U have some queries about this plz e-mail me or contact me through the mobile


    1. Ramprasad says:

      Hyadarabad is waste city

  114. sash says:

    Hey guys im from chennai,i’ve bin 2 both cities. both cities rock.

    dont ever bring in a chennai,bang,hyd conversation again
    india rocks ….. jai hind

  115. sash says:

    its just that,bangalore people like bangalore,hyd people like hyd, no one is at fault here………usage of harsh words are of no use than 2 provoke one an other….

    1. Vijay singh says:

      I agree no harsh words but I lived in both the places. Being an outside I like Hyderabad.

  116. Sardar Tamizhratna Singh says:

    Hyderabad is secular, while Bangalore is Hindu city.

  117. RiyaButler says:

    Good day,
    I’m an American. I wish to Build an Animation Studio in India. Presently i’m hunting for computer animators. I preferred India considering it is more cost effective than U.S. I wish to find out the measures for starting a small business in India, specially an animation studio.

    Can you fellas please help me out?

    1. Vijay singh says:

      For sure you have to choose Hyderabad. Hyderabad hosts one of the largest film industry and Information Technology centers. Tollywood, the Telugu film industry produces the second most no. of films every year in India. Rich cosmopolitan, availability of large pool of skilled workers on both the sectors and several others, All together Hyderabad is the best place for computer animators.

    2. Rahul says:

      If you are restricted to South India, Hyderabad or Chennai would be the ideal choice as Bangalore has not much influence of the film industry. Hyderabad faces stiff competition in film studios as there are many here. Not the same case with Chennai but it is a wee bit more expensive than Hyderabad. However, if you wish for professional assistance in the field of Animation, Hyderabad is definitely not the right choice as the demand for computerized education is now only developing in the city. The field of animation has lot of potential in Chennai. So, overall I suggest Chennai.

      But if any city in India is ok to you, try looking in Mumbai or Pune in the western part of the country. Happy to help!!!

  118. Madhu says:

    Jai bangalore… Jai Telangana!! 😉

  119. Madhu says:

    From 2006! And Now its mid 2011 .. people are still in same mood…
    Actually bangalore now lacks proper infrastrcture and fighting for so.. The govt also careless..
    And hyderabad is fighting for the same issue… TELANGANA…;-)

  120. Madhu says:

    From 2006! And Now its mid 2011 .. people are still in same mood…
    Actually bangalore now lacks proper infrastrcture and fighting for so.. The current is govt also careless..
    And hyderabad is fighting for the same issue… TELANGANA…;-)

    1. Ramprasad says:

      yes Mee mata nijam sir, but Hydarabadni The greate Bengaloreki compaire cheyoddu, Bengalore is Sachin, Hydarabad is Sehvag
      Bengalore is in form, Hyadabad Uot form, Bengalore is the Capital of Vishaka Karnataka State, and Hydarabad is now in AP but future compulsary ????? Thelangana or ??? Picholla Samrajyam.
      How to campaire to Hydarabad and Bengalore, Jai Karnataka

  121. Shyam says:

    true… not sure who said this, but it still rings true: Corruption, the greatest single bane of our society today.

  122. Rahul says:

    Hyderabad has absolutely zero night life! But food is excellent, locals are friendly and traffic isn’t that much of a problem. You can live here if you prefer a simple lifestyle.

    Its the opposite with Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai. Awesome night life, food is not very good, locals are ignorant and uncouth while you have awesome places to work.

  123. Vijay says:

    Hi, I am a native of Chennai, Have been in Bangalore for 8+ yrs and now in Hyd for 2 + yrs.

    For any non Telugu speaking person Bangalore is the best, it’s not that every one in Hyd speaks Hindi or Urdu. only the people in old city speak Hindi and people other than in old city speak only Telgu.

    Cost of living is the same in Hyd and in Bangalore, only the rental cost is a little cheap in Hyderabad.

    Entertainment: Bangalroe is much better with a lot of hangout, malls and multiplex. In Hyd. not much of choice

    Traffic: Chennai is the best in this, Bangalore is crowded but people have some driving sense. In Hyd you can drive the way you want their is no meaning for signal / lane / horn etc.

    Food: Chennai and Bangalore are much better you get a lot of variety in both these places and the food tase good. in Hyd the only option is Biriyani nothing else, in a few day’s you will get tierd of briyani and not much of verity.

    1. Ramprasad says:

      Vijaya Anna, vanakkam, you say right, in hyadarabad only urdu and hindi, in bengaluru, there is rocks, telugu temil kannada malayalam marati soooooo,

  124. Raja says:

    Dear Friends,

    It’s great to see the posts. I have gone through the entire post.
    I really appreciate your views. Please note, Every place is Unique on it’s own and belongs to our country.
    We are all one, we must move towards this. Oneness is very important. As an Indian living in India, fortunately we have a choice to live where we like most. Some people like hot weather, some like cool weather. Some like Posh others like Middle Path. It all boils down to one single question, what do you want? what are your priorities? what are your preferences? when you think you get the answer. The whole post may say Bangalore is best, however your preference is Hyderabad Biryani and living close to your parents in Andhra – what is the point? – Start with a single question “what do I really really want?….
    We are all children of God, we are One. Please understand, Love is the key to abundant living. Forgiveness is key to Kingdom of God.
    Life is a gift – enjoy no matter where you are. All the Best.

  125. kashyap1995 says:

    bangalurians are madarchods a typical hyderabadi gaali that these bangulrians madarchods and makalodas dont understand madarchods madarchods in studies check out the percentage of students selcting in iit jee via hyderabad and via benguluru hyderabad will kick benguluru students ass madarchods

  126. kashyap1995 says:

    i am a north indian who lived in both cities in bengulru the politicians are madarchods even people the autowallas in hyderabad we all live together muslim or hindu we play cricket every day there is adaa in living in huderabad and there is fuck living in benguluru

  127. kashyap1995 says:

    we hyderabadis do not live for money unlike benguluru madarchods and makalodas

    1. Ramprasad says:

      your hydarabadies is beggers

  128. Vijay singh says:

    Hyderabad is the best!!! Unlike in other metros, the infrastructure looks brand new and all projects in Hyderabad are for the benefit of people and brand.

  129. vjyanand says:

    Rent : Hyderabad is 10% to 15 % cheaper
    House Provision : No difference
    Fuel : Hyderabad is cheaper
    Food : Hyderabad is cheaper. Bangalore has a lot of variety.
    Language : Bangalore rocks. Kannada, tamil, telugu, english spoken. In hyderabad predominantly telugu and urdu.
    Power cut : No difference
    Traffic : NO difference
    Entertainment: Bangalore is king here

    End of the day its a personal choice. If you are a telugu person or had upbringing in hyderabad , you would prefer it. Both cities as of today are struggling with numerous issues.

    1. Ramprasad says:

      I know Hydarabad and Bengaluru, Bengaluru is greate and hydarabad is waste,

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  131. Vijay singh says:

    Hyderabad is no doubt a multi-culture and high diversity with all religions, brand new infrastructure, cheaper, multi-lingual. Hyderabad is the best city in India.

  132. Salim says:

    Hyderabad is no doubt a multi-culture and high diversity with all religions, brand new infrastructure, cheaper, multi-lingual. Hyderabad is the best city in India.

    Hyderabad is good and have more prospects in industries like IT/ITES, Pharma, Bio-technology, defense, aviation. These are the sectors in demand for any developing countries.

    1. Ramprasad says:

      Hyadarabad is waste city

  133. :-DEEPAK KASHYAP:- says:

    Hyderabad is the best city in India

    1. Ramprasad says:

      yes Mee mata nijam sir, but Hydarabadni The greate Bengaloreki compaire cheyoddu, Bengalore is Sachin, Hydarabad is Sehvag
      Bengalore is in form, Hyadabad Uot form, Bengalore is the Capital of Vishaka Karnataka State, and Hydarabad is now in AP but future compulsary ????? Thelangana or ??? Picholla Samrajyam.
      How to campaire to Hydarabad and Bengalore, Jai Karnataka

  134. Anup says:

    Guys if you like HYD please pack your luggage from Bangalore and settle there.
    We bangaloreans always love bangalore and we always live in Bangalore.
    Count the AP people in Bangalore, not sure where these many came from. Is your city/state not capable of giving you all jobs. Try out there and settle there.
    You AP people doesnot have any courtesy that mother karnataka is feeding yours and your family stomochs.
    You need bangalore for your food and earnings.
    and you praise hyderabad for nothing.

    1. kashyap says:

      u karnataka fucking madarchods are coming to hyderabad for coaching in iit jee
      we are in benguluru bcoz we are more technical than u bengulru madarchods who cant study just rott

      1. unknown says:

        you mother fucker kashyap, cock ur hole and ur mothers hole.. u son of thousand father’s, what the fuck u know about Bangalore, y the fuck should ppl come from Bangalore to hyderabad.. u bastards only come here for jobs and business.. don’t forget that.. u son of a 2 bug slut, don’t even bother speaking abt bangalore.. if your so keen abt ur city, come here and call back all ur fukin telegaits from here, atleast our ppl will get jobs.. if u cant digest the fact that bangalore is best then put on a saree and stand in hyderabad red light area.. or else go lick ur andhra ppl’s ass… dirty cunt..

        u fuckin north indian mother fucker, y the hell u came here, u dint find any better ass in north to lick, so u came here to lick ours? if there are some born mother fuckers, then for sure its all these north indians…

      2. sksinghandnammabengurufucks says:

        i dont know whu the unknown is but his mother must be a whore so for his prestage he kept his name unknown and unknown do u know one thing north indian are than u r u motherfuckers just rott everything so u dont even get jobs in ur fucking namma benguluru and yes dc did right thing by defeating mother cock rbc check the stats the jobs in benguluru are occupied by most of the north indians why so bcoz u motherfucking people cant just study u just rott thing and suit for cock jobing your mothers do u know one thing your sons will be your brothers as u fuck ur mothers and ur daughters will b ur wifes as u also fuck them no dignity in u thats the reason ppl fright to go out in benguluru whereas in hyd we are just free to move u unknown is a husband of his mother as well as his daughter mother fucker unknown KABARDHAR NORTH INDIANS KO KUCH BOLA TO u all live and depend on us i agree with u kashyap this unknown is auladh of none

      3. benguluriansaremadarchods says:

        unknown is son of a whore and a male prostitute ahh just dont comment on hyderabadi and go and fuck ur mother makalode unknown iam gujurati and aamchi hyderabad not like ur mother fucking namma benguluru madarachod makalode

      4. shashikumar says:

        see this is dignity of ur hyderabadi guys if hyderabadi does so we must atleast be disciplined u mother fucker uUNKNOWN taking the prestige of our bangalore just piss of from our city my native is bangalore U are a mother fucker just scolding bangaloere u son of a cunt mother fucker

    2. Ramprasad says:

      Yes Kashyap Anna nim MAthu nija, Nimge Kannada barutto ilvo gothilla, adre nimge dhhanyavadagalu, telugu janaru namma rajyakke avamana madutiddare, kelasakkagi bandavaru ketta mathu aduttiddare, avara rajyave kittuhoguttide, nodi telugu rajya Andrapradesh future nalli irolla, Jai karnataka, telugarige arthavagodakke teluginnallihe heluttene

  135. santhoshbabu puli says:

    hi friends,

    i know about hyderbad, i dont know bangalore, my vote for hyderabad because hyderabad is capital city of telangana. i like hydebad weather, peoples mostly biryani. metro trains, airport, city buses very nice facilities in hyderabad, of completely telangana people get it, they make hyderabad one of the big and develop city in world. and they make hyderabad is one of the beautiful, develop and big city in top 10 in the world. i love hyderabad i love sooooooooo much. thank u friends.

    1. Ramprasad says:

      This is Pagati Kalalu, in future thelangana is comes the hyadarabad is go to waste city, in your hyadarabad most companies is comes to our bangalore, here is peasefull politics and the people is friendly, but your thelangana peoples not frindle, small example, raya;laseema and kostandra is also telugu peoples but why yor thelangana thelugu peoples are see like enimies of rayaseema and kosthaandra, soo how other state and other languages peoples are you liing frindly, soo Karnataka is greate,Bengalore is grate

  136. santhoshbabu puli says:

    hello my friend anup dont say like that, u know lots of ur bangalore peoples studying in hyderabad working s well k. u got elecrticity from us from ramagundam, we geting water from u.
    ” YOU NEED US, WE NEED YOU” Dont forget it hyderabad and bangalore, chennei like brothers , these cities icons for south india.

    1. Ramprasad says:

      yes Mee mata nijam sir, but Hydarabadni The greate Bengaloreki compaire cheyoddu, Bengalore is Sachin, Hydarabad is Sehvag
      Bengalore is in form, Hyadabad Uot form, Bengalore is the Capital of Vishaka Karnataka State, and Hydarabad is now in AP but future compulsary ????? Thelangana or ??? Picholla Samrajyam.
      How to campaire to Hydarabad and Bengalore, Jai Karnataka

  137. ADVENTURES says:

    There is tremendous growth in both the cities now

  138. Leone says:

    Fuck you bitch

  139. Anonymous says:

    would like to knw tht in terms of computer based coaching centers and their fee structure which place is better hyd or bangalore
    And also for a freshers to do job search which is better

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  141. Venkat says:

    I went to Bangalore recently 3 weeks back, worst roads and infrastructure. Not sure how IT companies are operating under these conditions. Horrible traffic.

    1. Madhu says:

      Hyderabad is a muslim city…
      City with disturbance of terror, weather, and telangana…
      Where as bangalore is calm, quiet and cool…

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  149. rohit venkat says:

    Hyderabad is the best city of world guys belive

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