To All My Geek friends and other Geeks in the World

I had been thinking to write this post for very long and I could pen it finally today.
There was a chapter in the book of my life when I was a geek (an undoubted one at that, I can produce proof of it if you want me to 😀 ). It was chapter 4 mainly and a few pages of chapter 5  to be more precise 🙂 But slowly I stepped out of it knowingly or unknowingly initially but deliberately later. Maybe though unlikely that it was due to because I have that little bit of that vision thingie. I should tell you though that I strongly strongly(even more strongly) suspect that my vision thingie is just my wishful thinking but anyways. Btw please don’t get it the wrong way it is not to say that geeks are not visionary, I have seen, met and interacted with great geek visionaries and I love them for dreams they set forth and some of them who made it a reality.   Infact you know what I love all the geeks, all of them and I still do !!!. What I mean here is looking slightly out of the geek box/world.
Coming back to what I was saying that I moved slightly out of the geekery and moved away from being a full time geek.  Geeks live in their world , speak  their own language  – l337speak ofcourse, always help each other (unlike in the real world ) and help others too, have a strong sense of community and the most important of all they create huge amount of value. But the one thing which is my biggest complaint is that they wont ever do is to talk or mingle with others (anyone who is not a geek), infact it is really really degrading for them to talk to other lower forms of organization and in particular they have an enemity with the droids/suits. Because of this nature of geeks, i.e they surround themselves in a castle which limit the terrific value that they tend to generate does not get spread well and sadly it is the droids/suits how capture that value (my observation is that this happens not only in a business scenarios but also in a generic case.

So I tried to peep beyond the iron gated castle of the geeks and peep around, explore and bridge with other spaces. This I could say made me step a little out of the geek world and see if could propogate/spread the value created by geeks.

But as any geek knows a person is a either a true geek or no geek at all. So when I tried explore outside their castle and said I want to keep one step here and one elsewhere they literally threw me out :D. What I mean by that  is  that of late when I meet my geek friends, colleagues and other geeks they treat me an outcaste and they totall dismiss me 😦

So here is an appeal to all my geek friends and other geeks in the world.
Yeah I am not a geek, not in your truest sense but I love what you do and geekery, so please don’t disown me :). I can geek it out but don’t do it to make a balance in both the geek and other world. For instance please don’t seperate me when I say think econ/strategy when we discuss about AJAX, Web 2.0. Please don’t think that I am nuts like a driod when you say GPL, open source and I say property rights, transaction costs and use value discounted at exchange value (aka Marxian economics). I really want you guys to leverage for yourself a lot of value that you create and also spread the value generated to many others around which normally does not happen.

I know that you hate the droids/suits but since I have’nt baptized myself in to the Membership of Beancounters Association, atleast not yet so I clearly think you should have no reason to hate me :). All in all I am asking you treat me the same way that you would treat another geek even if I am not a geek ( in your truest sense 🙂 )



  1. vardhman says:

    Good one 🙂 BTW “The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth”!!

  2. Rajan says:

    Ofcourse the geek shall inherit the earth.

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