To MBA or not

To MBA or not is a something which hogs the mind space of the 90% of people that I meet with. Here is an interesting ebook that I came across which discussess the pros and cons of an MBA, I am not sure if it will help make any decisions for anybody but nonetheless have fun reading because I surely did 🙂 (Hat tip: Mahashunyam)
I have blogged my opinion on this many times earlier but to reiterate what I said in a single sentence  “the oppurtunity cost of doing an MBA for me is quite very high”


  1. V Vivek says:

    I think has become a joke like all other degrees. I say this not undermining the importance of academics in every spheres of life. But it is almost coming down to the fact that the current academics provide too little for too much input.

    But again a degrees gives people the {virtual} confidence of ones capability. I have not read the links yet.

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  2. Ankur Gupta says:

    To MBA or not is a something which hogs the mind space of the 90% of people that I meet with … 90% …. good

  3. patang says:

    MBA? Great for CV value, mostly academic orthodoxy of the worst kind. You’ll be lucky if you find even one visionary in that gang. If you go to a “good” school you’ll deal with cut-throat competition that’ll turn you off the human race for good, though you might also have some interesting industry interaction (I think you already have a lot of that). If you want the credibility of an MBA, go for it, but if you think you’re going to learn anything that you can’t for “a buck fifty in late fees at the library”, then you might be disappointed.
    Are you an entrepreneur? And hey, did I tell you the carpool thing is on sourceforge now. I released the code a few months ago. and did you ever manage to read Fooled By Randomness?

  4. rajan says:

    The one great thing about an MBA school I think is that it will force you to do is to put you in an environment where you will have to build social capital.
    All said and done I think that is the key takeaway from a B school all others are just frills.


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