Comeback you will

Was recently talking to Professor at IIIT when he quipped “Comeback you will” and went on to detail it, this phrase really left me pondering over it for quite a while.

“For so many years you see the same faces around you and you literally get bored and want to break free out of it. Then you go elsewhere (into the Industry) you enjoy the change for a while, you see new places(India and Abroad), new people, new customs, new way of life.But this enjoyment lasts for a very short period and you realize that this new place and surrounding sucks(even more than ever) and you long to go back to where you where, where things that you were doing were lot more interesting than what you are doing now”.
Truer words !   I am going back to my college today not as a student but as an alumnus to get associated with the incubation centre(sorry no url yet) there and my partner in crime here in this is my close friend Rajat.

Anther friend warned me to consider our decision telling we may find it wierd(previoulsy we were students now we are alumni etc etc) to go  back and live in the same old place but we have decided to go ahead with it and face any wierdness as it comes along 🙂


  1. sandeep says:

    Good luck for your Venture!!

  2. mindwarrior says:

    “comeback you will” – sounds so much like Yoda! 🙂

    And yes good luck and may the force and source be with you!

  3. santhosh says:

    I cant imagine the kind of courage and passion needed to walk off from a comfortable job and work on some thing new and challenging.

    Bravo Rajan & Rajat —

    Keep us posted and Best of luck with the start-up.

  4. smr says:

    welcome back and good luck.

  5. Rakesh says:

    Welcome to hyderabad Rajan

  6. cgreality says:

    Приобретение недвижимости в Черногории очень выгодно. Приобретя недвижимость в Черногории Вы, во-первых, надежно вкладываете свои деньги, а, во-вторых, получаете возможность отдыхать не в гостинице, а в собственном доме или квартире. Недвижимость в Черногории для жителя России купить очень просто. Приобретая недвижимость в Черногории, Вы автоматически получаете вид на жительство. В соседней Словении также очень легко приобрести недвижимость. Правда, для этого необходимо создать фирму, капитал которой не менее 10 тыс евро. Приобретая недвижимость в Словении, как и квартиры в Черногории, Вы потратите намного меньше денег на покупку, чем в России на Черном море.

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