Peak Indicators

It was funny(to me atleast)when Ram Shriram presented a slide on web 2.0, now this is a buzz that is been on for 2 years, infact Tim O Rielly organized a web 2.0 conference way back in early 2004. It is no doubt that KPCB foks especially brilliant investors like Ram & Doerr have the right knack to look at oppurtunities early on and choose the right nuggets. But I feel that when an oppurtunity space start appearing in a VC’s slide then that space is already reached the height of it’s buzz and it is time for looking at other oppurtunities.

Two of the technology/oppurtunity that I am very bullish on and which I think is going to disruptively revolutionize the way we live(in the next 5 years) like the way internet has changed things in the last 10 years are

  • Camera Phone
  • Virtual Worlds/MMORPG

These technologies I believe would lead to fundamentally new ways of value creation which we have’nt start imagining right now. I have taken to heart the first one camera phone which I want to dig down deep, loose some sleep and will know it inside out. I have also some thoughts over the second one ( virtual worlds), I am not a gamer so I pitched it , to some of my hardcore gaming friends who are evaluating it still to go ahead and implement it. I would try to write a lot about these stuff and also would like to hear from you guys if you have any interesting thoughts on these two topics then do ping me.

Btw my above arguments are based on economics and predictions which are based on economicsis what counts iMHO 🙂


  1. mindwarrior says:

    MMORPGs… interesting thought. maybe they can replace the virtual chat rooms and sims as a whole. who knows matrimonial sites might well replace their whole model using this one itself!

  2. Rajan says:

    Yeah these are some of the things that can happen but what I meant when I said that it is going to be economic in the sense that it makes possible a basic human need.

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