Those who keep complaining(that includes me) about the non existence of early stage support ecosystem in India that is so vital to sucess of entreprenuership should take a look at recently to be launched TiE EAP program. Take a read and you would realize that this is possibly the kind of kickstart that early stage support ecosystem needs. It is a first of its kind concept and when TiE people are behind it then that means its going to being really kickass.


  1. abhay says:

    Hi Rajan,

    I first read your blog when we were doing a Indian telecom regulation related project at my firm. I must say that the blog is cutting edge and i would like your insights over a lot of things that i ponder upon,majorly audio codecs and application wiki’s these days.

    As far as the TiE blog entry, well it seems like a incubation platform where projects would be judged on a qualitative and economic viability basis.This gives me an idea of application wiki’s that acts as a cross platform inside research firms and facilities nonwithstanding their size and scope.Any comments(This would include applications like MovableType, Sctuff and Confluence)??

  2. Rajan says:

    Hi Abhay,

    I used to delve deep in codecs quite a while ago but not now so I might not be able to discuss in details like whether a codec is better because it has DCT or KLT in it but yeah sure I can talk about these things at a high level.

    Sure let me know what exact topics you would like me to discuss and i will blog about it.

    Yeah TiE EAP is an incubation program but they will for sure arrange for seed funding as well which is way too hard to obtain in India but is necessary for an Entrepreneurial ecosystem to build up.

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