Mobile blogging ?

     Contentsutra reports that Coruscant Tec (a mobile content provider) is planning to release a mobile blogging application.   I don’t understand the b-model behind mobile blogging, how are these companies planning to make money out of it. If they charge for blogging then they can take off well but if they don’t then they won’t make any revenues.  Coruscant’s approach seems to be to offer the application first for free and then later charge for it, I guess it might not work for this kind of application. (Textamerica has never been able to charge for the service)

       In US there is textamerica( more than 2 years old now) which is yet to show up a viable business model. The only way I have known that they have made money is by selling the mobile blogging platform to other countries.

      Btw there was a company which offered mobile blogging that launched a year ago and closed down shortly.( I don’t remember the name exactly I will dig out the name & post it). Mobylog is a mumbai based company which also offers mobile blogging.  I am not sure how this space is attracting many players when the business model equation of any of the company has not yet been worked out.


  1. Vinu says:

    I think these companies are building products that blogging portals are either not thinking or don’t foresee or don’t feel the need for investing time and manhrs in it. But once it kicks off. I am sure they hope someone is going to buy them out!

  2. deepak pawar says:

    we are in the buisness of event management and mobylog to begin with was a passion for us to get corporate concepts across via using this new audio /video experience…viz chk
    no doubt mobylog as a photo blog shall always remain free for all the registered private users.
    we are already supporting posting by lifeblog and developing a softare for windows mobile like splashblog to make posting a easy as .We also shall start supporting podcasts soon..
    all blogs and fresh images have rss now.
    we are in the process of letting our services be used by two big giant portals in india from the month of january….which then would become loud and clear for everyone.
    as of now i do understand that the interface is not so clear cause of too many features spread all over..but this shall change in this week .
    besides all this we are proud and would love to have mobylog engine as our own indian mobile blogging interface…
    i hope i am not making it sound like an advt..but just felt like penning it down…always and everyday we will want more and more users to experience the power of photo us to make it better by it will be kept free and corporates would pay for the same

  3. rajan says:

    That is what even I think so !

    @ Deepak ,
    Thanks for the comments, While I agree there is value in mobile blogging for the end users but my post revolved more around how is value capture going to happen for those who are creating that service. The ways vinu pointed out seems to be the only appraoch evident to me.

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