Quantifying Risk

Quantitative Risk analysis. Should be good, if you are into this kind of stuff. I have to  got to read “Fooled By Randomness” first to understand this :), though I must say that  the excerpts of the book were brilliant.




  1. patang says:

    ‘Fooled By Randomness’ is an absolutely phenomenal book. It literally changed my whole world view, not just regarding the markets but regarding most things in life. It’s a very philosophical book written with delicious irreverence and deep scholarship. Nassim Taleb is a very intelligent man indeed.
    It’s one of the few books I never lend, though I believe it’s available from either firstandsecond.com or fabmall.

  2. Rajan says:

    Oh !! I thought it would be more related to finance & question its genesis very deep. I like philosophical books 🙂 , you gave me another reason now to just check it out. Yeah I have heard from many that Taleb is nothing less than a genues. I will check it out at firstandsecond.com but would have to do that some time later because I have couple of unfinished books to complete 🙂

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