More on mobile

    Was going through some of my referrer logs , many of the hits to my blog site has been search on web 2.0 ( ok !! majority has been about  the iipm war redux but after that it has been about  web 2.0). I also happened to go through sanyam‘s blog post where he mentioned that theme of my blog is ” about web 2.0 on everything else on the net”. Well thats true but not complete. I intend to post  a lot on the mobile / telecom ( wireless) space as well.

     The above  two fact indicates that I have been only blogging about web (as many blogs out there ) as that has been the raging buzz. I am going to include a lot more on the mobile topics.

   Two blogs that I follow very closely for the mobile space in India is & I like them both but I like more because it more focussed on mobile space and many of the times it has news one day ahead of contentsutra.

     Also I recently joined this forum called indiamobileforum, hoping it will be a good place to hang out to converse about the mobile space.


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