Economics Analysis of the IIPM vs Indian Blogdom

  Economics Analysis of the IIPM vs Indian Blogdom  by Atanu

 His conclusion is that  macro-wise no effect/changes at all happened. ( I don’t
know basic economics – never took a course :(, how I wish I had taken one.  But reading this what came to my mind immediately is a comment made on macro-economics by someone – the beauty of macro is that it is so easy to take any/whatever stance in a macro framework and still give justification to it logically).

  Atanu‘s test is that of a very interesting one though. How many days since the fiasco will the mainstream media publish it. 5 , 10 , 15 days or they would never publish at all.  What do you think ?


  1. paresh says:

    Yep, he is coorect. I read somewhere NDTV was about to telecast a news story about this and then they postponed it. I dont think mainstream media will ever give this story a proper treatment; they are too busy with quake and new-born Indo-Pak friendship

  2. rajan says:

    As somebody has said media/journalism/publishing is about connecting eyeballs to advertisers and not on investigating truth , dissemenating right information.

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