Antithesis of web 2.0

Admist the buzz & hype of web 2.0 you find Nicholas Carr giving his anti-thesis on it. Nicholas has shot to fame by taking the most hyped about trend and plain right rejecting it down. But having said I must admit that he does’nt say things for the heck of it, he has reasonable arguments surrounding his points, only that he notches his assertion to an extreme level.


  1. kiran says:

    read the article. It was very insipid to say the least. I agree with him though – when he ridicules the spiritualistic way many people regard web 2.0 and think of it as some kind of religion. But when it comes to his criticism against wikipedia, open source software, blogs etc.. (the logic of the amateur millions against some chosen professional few) I felt like telling him “Go man ! get a life !”
    I feel this is a welcome change and will always force the people (who credit themselves as “professionals”) to always be on their feet !

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