Nokia 6600 Ad sucks

Now here is an Ad which I think now sucks big time: Product – Nokia 6600, Medium – TV. “Insaan phone sirf bat karne ke liye nahin kharidta – Mere papakabhi nahin badlenge” (Hindi) which means “A person does’nt buy a phone just to talk, my dad will never change from his age old thinking”

Any ad which mocks another one[Tata Indicom here] and thus try to generate buzz around a topic which is already a buzz is plain stupid. This will only lead to an arms race between the two players. [ Ok when was the last time we saw such ads, “Thums Up & Mountain Dew”]. I am utterly disappointed with Nokia on this one as I have great respect for Nokia as a company because it is one of the few companies which inspite of being big does some serious innovation. Guyz @ Nokia, whom did you hire to do this Ad ?? Hopefully the Tata Indicom people don’t continue the red queens race and ignore this Nokia Ad and concentrate on building a more innovative ad like the ones that they already made.
Update:  Mobilepundit on the contrary thinks Ad is cool 🙂

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