Bangalore Computer Graphics Group

The other interesting announcement was that there was a call for interest for a new group being formed called the Bangalore Computer Graphics. This announcement was made to help Anirban coordinate a creation of enthusiasts group around computer graphics.

I was really amazed when I met this guy, boy he is just in love with Computer Graphics. It has been so long that I met someone who is very very passionate about something. (Computer Graphics for Anirban). [Me Pondering no – “Working in the Industry kills all the passion towards anything in a person I suppose”]

Anirban is a technical person , he studied at BITS pilani and then did his MS (Computer Graphics) in US 2-3 years ago and now is back in India and trying to find people interested in Graphics

The goal of the group is to assemble enthusiasts interested in Computer Graphics and have discussion/conversation & help people who are exteremely interested in Computer Graphics.

Anirban mentioned that that group is not just about hardcore techie graphics geek, it is about anybody who is interested in Graphics – artists , animators, designers, modellers, game creators, graphics developers etc. He hopes that the group would encompass a whole range of people, from those who build the tools to those whose use these tools to build great applications. The mission is to create a SIGGRAPH in bangalore.
So far he is got a few people from MSR working in graphics interested in joining, quite a many signed up there after the talk. Vakiba if you are reading this sign up, smr & I have already done.

If anyone would like to join this group, send me a mail & your area/topics of interest in graphics , I will forward your mail id to anirban.

PS: Chapters/Meets are mostly city specific but if you are from some other city and still interested, not a problem sign up it would help to get updates from the group list.
Update: Here is a page that is up here that explains about BCG group.

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