Indian Web 2.0 – Not yet

I was going to write a post quite soon on web 2.0 & web 2.0 companies in India. I was waiting for more traction to happen in this space though.
I just read a post by Arun on an article from Business today titled “India’s Web 2.0 companies“. The article talks about the internet companies mostly found during 2000 which have been great success. It is good artcile explaining the successful Internet companies in India, but arun please don’t call any of these a web 2.0 company, none of them
qualify web 2.0 definition.(maybe could be considered a web2.0 company)

Now here is my list of websites in India which can considered post web 1.0 ( web 1.5) (My favourite Indian web 2.0 company so far, . Did you know these are the folks who built the the wonderful
I will keep adding to this meme as I discover more. Let me know if you know one that should get added to the list.


  1. Radha Popuri says:

    Hi Rajan,
    If you look at, we also leverage mashups, flickr, wikipedia in the context of Travel.
    1)Map Mashups:-
    For example, try this
    2) Users can also submit any airline deals they came across here(
    In that sense, we are leveraging social co-ordination.
    3) We are a vertical meta travel search engine for India.
    So don’t you think we are Web 2.0?


  2. Gatcoq Gohhetfobluj says:

    you better stay off memetor

  3. Pagmoknyc says:

    great I sense power of memetor around here

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