How job posting should be

This how a job posting should be
“If you’re the sort of person who gets frustrated when Scotty can’t get the dilithium crystals to put out just a little bit more energy, this might be the place for you.”

Read the full post here from Seth Godin who is looking for a Chief Engineer. He is brilliant as he is always & he never ceases to amaze his readers, now this is the kind of post that will attract the best of the people to his team.

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  1. StarixCraftix says:

    Всем доброго!
    Скачал игру 15 Days, поигралось совсем чуть чуть….
    Интересно Ваше мнение, а также на каком конфиге запускали ее.

    Вот тут почитал Обзор игры 15 Days
    но кажется он не совсем достоверен…

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